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 PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Supercomputing 93 conference held here this week, Cray Research, Inc. (NYSE: CYR) announced the Cray Fortran 90 (CF90) Programming Environment, calling it the first native, complete implementation for supercomputers of the Fortran 90 standard. The company said products based on the CF90 Programming Environment will also be marketed for leading personal computers, workstation products and servers. "Our goal is for the CF90 Programming Environment to become an industry standard," said Cray Research vice president of software Irene Qualters.
 Fortran 90 is the next generation of Fortran, the most widely used programming language for scientific and technical computing. "The CF90 Programming Environment is a full implementation of the new Fortran 90 standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO)," said Qualters. " The CF90 Programming Environment differs from other Fortran 90 compiler products for parallel vector supercomputers and massively parallel processing (MPP) systems: it is a full, native product, not just a translator; its integrated optimization capabilities perform automatic parallel processing analysis, eliminating the need for pre-processors; and it includes a comprehensive set of advanced programming tools and scientific libraries."
 The CF90 Programming Environment will be available for Cray Research's complete line of parallel vector supercomputers by year-end 1993. Support for the company's CRAY T3D massively parallel processing (MPP) systems is planned for the second release of the CF90 Programming Environment, due out about a year from now, she said.
 Under the company's new CraySoft initiative, Cray-compatible, CF90- based products for SPARC-based workstations and servers, including Sun products and the recently announced CRAY SUPERSERVER 6400 series from subsidiary Cray Research Superservers, are slated for availability by mid-1994, according to CraySoft manager Leary Gates. Versions will also be developed for other leading workstation products.
 CraySoft will also oversee Cray Research's previously announced agreement calling for Absoft Corp., Rochester Hills, Mich., to develop and market Cray-compatible versions of the CF90 compiler for personal computers based on Intel486 and Pentium processors, as well as the forthcoming series of PowerPC-based Macintoshes, by mid-1994, he said.
 Under another previously announced agreement with Cray Research, Paris-based Advanced Computer Research International (ACRI) plans to develop and market CF90-based compilers and software applications for use on parallel computer systems from ACRI and other European manufacturers.
 "Our CF90 product strategy complements Cray Research's vision for open high-performance computing," said Qualters. "Cray Research is the only company that offers computer systems in all three of today's major high-performance architectures: parallel vector processing (PVP), massively parallel processing
(MPP), and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP). These systems include industry-standard software that enables them to interoperate with other
vendors' systems on heterogeneous computing networks. Providing versions of the CF90 Programming

Environment for various systems on the network -- including non-Cray systems -- allows programs developed on one system to run compatibly on other systems.
 Qualters said the CF90 Programming Environment consists of a fully compliant Fortran 90 compiler, the CrayTools program development toolkit, and the CrayLibs suites of optimized scientific libraries. The Cray CF90 compiler supports extensive features such as modules, interface blocks, user-defined operators and generic procedures, user- defined data types, and internal procedures.
 "The CF90 Programming Environment ensures upward compatibility for existing applications by supporting Cray CF77 extensions such as Cray Pointers, as well as other common Fortran 77 language extensions." Because Fortran 90 is a superset of Fortran 77, the new Fortran 90 features can be implemented on a gradual, feature-by-feature basis, Qualters said. "Users can try out Fortran 90 features without having to learn a whole new programming language."
 The CF90 Programming Environment's new PDGCS (Program Description Graph Compiling System) compiler technology , she said, includes advanced integrated optimization capabilities such as automatic parallel processing, Autotasking (TM), vectorization, aggressive code structuring and scalar optimization. Integrated optimization removes the need for pre-processors to perform automatic parallel processing analysis, thereby improving reliability and increasing optimization opportunities.
 She said the CF90 Programming Environment also includes: CrayTools programming toolset, a full set of advanced visual programming tools for debugging, source-code analysis and performance analysis; and the CrayLibs highly optimized scientific libraries that include routines such as BLAS levels 1, 2 and 3; LINPACK/EISPACK; LAPACK; and new fast Fourier transforms (FFTs).
 CraySoft, a new initiative to develop and market versions of Cray Research's industry-leading software for other vendors' hardware systems, was announced in Oct., along with CraySoft's first product, Network Queuing Environment (NQE), a pioneering software tool that allows workloads to be balanced across a variety of computer systems.
 Cray Research creates the most powerful, highest-quality computational tools for solving the world's most challenging industrial and scientific problems.
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