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CRAIG McGILL: Babes in the mood for fun.


SAY what you want about the two Scotland teams - for example, can't either of you win a bloody game - but I think the senior team should be taking lessons from the U21s.

Put it this way, what team would you rather be in? The one that stays in before a game and then takes part in a 0-0 draw or the team that goes out, gets p*ssed, one player getting locked up, and then take part in a game with a couple of goals?

Sign me up for Bonhof's boozers over Berti's boys any day of the week!

In fact, I'm starting to think that was what the SFA meant when they said football was going back to its roots - players out on the swally, having fun till all hours of the morning then sneaking back in.

All we need now is a few dodgy perms and players going out in wee rowing boats and we're definitely on the way back to greatness.

The other good thing about the U21s is they seem more exciting - how else do you explain names like Zander Diamond? Did his parents want him to grow up to be a porn star or something?

They must have been disappointed when the part that they thought was going to be his porn livelihood dropped off after a few days.

Talking of Diamond, there's a guy who must be in a state of shock just now, just like everyone else who supports Aberdeen.

I'm sure we've all seen Dons fans with a confused look recently and no wonder - they're looking at the league table thinking it's upside down as they're second top, not second bottom!


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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 11, 2004
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