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CPX2, CPX5: Hitachi.

Hardware, $1,995/CPX2, and $2,595/6PX5

The CPX2 and CPX5 3LCD projectors add networking functionality and wireless connectivity--upgrades to their CPX1 predecessor. Both have XGA resolution, wide-angle lenses, built-in 1W speaker, and low fan noise. Advanced features include My Screen, My Memory and My Button. The CPX2's brightness is 2,000 lumens, and it weighs 4.1 pounds; the CPX5 is 2,500 lumens and 3.9 pounds. Security functions include transition detector and Kensington lock and PIN lock protection. Presenters can place the projectors close to a screen to avoid obstructions as well as use them for PC-less presentations.

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Publication:District Administration
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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