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CPU TECH Completes Design Tryout Flight Tests for the F-16 AN/APG-68 Modernized Programmable Signal Processor.

PLEASANTON, Calif. -- Line-Replaceable Unit Employs System-On-Chip Technology to Improve Reliability and Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs of Original F-16 Block 30/40 AN/APG-68 Radar Systems

CPU Technology, Inc. (CPU TECH), a leading provider of high performance computing solutions for military and commercial systems, announced today that its prototype AN/APG-68 Modernized Programmable Signal Processor (MPSP), a form-, fit- and function-compatible Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) for F-16 Block 30/40 aircraft, has completed Design Try Out (DTO) flight tests.

The MPSP program was awarded to CPU TECH by the United States Air Force with the goal of upgrading the Programmable Signal Processor incorporated into the original Northrop Grumman designed F-16 AN/APG-68 Radar system to improve reliability and reduce overall maintenance costs.

The Design Tryout (DTO) Flight Testing held at Edwards Air Force Base included air-to-air target tracking and missile operation as well as air-to-ground target tracking and bombing. An important milestone in the MPSP program, DTO flight test is the first opportunity for the MPSP to be functionally tested as an integrated unit while flying in an F-16 aircraft.

"We are very encouraged by the results of the DTO," said Brad Dyer, MPSP Program Director at CPU TECH. "All of the main functions of the design have been verified, and we will apply the lessons learned from this exercise to the pre-production version of the MPSP and future CPU TECH signal processing applications."

Prior to the DTO flight tests, the MPSP prototype systems underwent functional testing at Hill Air Force Base in both Block 30 and Block 40 configurations with additional development testing performed at Tyndall Air Force Base. Environmental Qualification Testing of the prototype has been completed at various laboratory facilities under contract to CPU TECH.

Pre-production MPSP units are scheduled for delivery to the Air Force in early 2005 with a release to formal flight test by mid-2005.

AN/APG-68 Modernized Programmable Signal Processor

CPU TECH's AN/APG-68 Programmable Signal Processor modernization effort embodies an evolutionary approach to resolving the reliability and obsolescence issues associated with sophisticated long life-cycle electronics systems. By applying unique System-on-Chip (SoC) technology, CPU TECH delivers system solutions that are more reliable, lighter, consume less power, and are backward compatible with legacy software applications.

The CPU TECH Modernized Programmable Signal Processor for the AN/APG-68 has been engineered to eliminate 80 percent of the circuit card assemblies and approximately 40 percent of the system weight from the original unit. The newly redesigned system requires only five percent of the original system's power and will improve reliability by a factor of 10, offering a substantial potential cost savings to the US Air Force over the program life.

About CPU Technology, Inc.

CPU Technology, Inc. develops and manufactures compatible, next-generation solutions for OEMs in the high-end computing market. The company's patented, automated electronic system-level design and verification technologies radically reduce the cost and time required to develop or modernize high-end systems. CPU Tech's innovative embedded multiprocessor architectures and advanced application of System-on-Chip technology, yield highly reliable solutions which are smaller, lighter and more power efficient. The company's technology uniquely solves industry-wide problems such as electronic component and subsystem obsolescence. CPU Tech is a privately held company founded in 1989 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California with business development offices in Reston, Virginia. Current investors include The Carlyle Group.

Additional information about CPU Technology, Inc., can be found at
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Date:Oct 4, 2004
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