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CPS recovery unit saves wasted products.

A specially designed recovery unit has been launched in the UK by Carlisle Process Systems Ltd (CPS) to allow processors of liquid foods to recover products from rejected cartons, cups and liquid bottles. The unit is an upgrade of the well-established CPS Damrow Carton Compressor and has been developed to save labour costs by easily emptying and compressing up to 8,000 packages per hour. Recovered products are collected in a sump where it can be pumped away for further processing and the emptied packages exit into a waste bin or onto a conveyor belt for recycling.

Managing director of CPS, Charles Todd, spoke of the benefits of using the liquid recovery unit: "Processors now have the option to save valuable products that would otherwise have been wasted, whilst meeting environmental obligations by easily recycling the damaged bottles."

The original CPS Damrow Carton Compressor is capable of processing a range of cartons and cups, but special engineering from CPS has allowed the upgraded unit to handle plastics bottles--with their caps on! During operation the liquid filled packages can be fed into the compressor either manually or via a conveyor belt. A star wheel mounted at the inlet pushes the packages in between the heavy-duty steel belts where the packages are crushed and the product drains off.

A pneumatically controlled rubber roller can be used for applying additional pressure to the crushed packages in order to squeeze out high viscous products that will not drain off easily.

The two steel belts and the rubber roller are driven by individual gear motors for optimum performance and includes a reverse drive facility in case of blockages.

The enclosed design and integral cleaning-in-place (CIP) facility makes cleaning easy and provides a high standard of hygiene. Mounted on wheels, the unit can be quickly moved when not in use and only requires supplies of compressed air and electricity to operate. Summarising, Mr Todd said: "The liquid recovery unit from CPS Damrow secures maximum recovery of valuable products and minimises waste with the least effort and cost."

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