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CPM software.

SRC Software, a provider of enterprise financial management software, has released a major upgrade to its core platform that creates the first truly integrated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite that is based on a single source code engine. SRC's new technology synchronizes strategic planning with budgeting and reporting, while adapting to virtually any network topology and any degree of user sophistication.

In addition to a new user interface that allows users to access any planning, budgeting or reporting application from one application launch point, SRC's new release offers users the same look and feel for every element of the CPM suite. Consequently, SRC said in an announcement, it "offers mid-sized and very large enterprises a significantly easier training and implementation process, shorter planning cycle times, more trustworthy plans and reports and ultimately, more control."

With SRC, enterprises can perform all of their key planning and performance management functions such as strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, consolidations, financial reporting, scorecarding and analysis using one flexible, closed-loop platform and process. By combining an enhanced and intuitive Excel interface with enterprise-scale databases like Oracle and SQL, SRC provides "a powerful growth path for enterprises that have exhausted the capabilities of their homegrown Excel models."

Over a local area network (LAN) or over the Web, SRC's robust reporting and analysis capabilities ensure that users have access to all of the familiar formatting and calculation capabilities of a spreadsheet, while fielding a secure solution that scales to the needs of thousands of users whose computer and planning skills may vary from very high to very low.

SRC says it offers a variety of access methods, from robust to simple, to meet each organization's unique deployment requirements and IT topographies. Solutions can be personalized to the precise look, feel and functionality of the individual user, while maintaining the intelligent and efficient back-end system integration.

Each product module is available as a discreet offering, or the system can be licensed by suite or as a comprehensive corporate performance management solution. For more information, call toll-free at 800.544.3477.

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