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CPHA and global health governance/L'ACSP et la gouvernance mondiale de la sante.

CPHA had the opportunity, through the auspices of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), to participate at this year's 63rd World Health Assembly. This event brought together delegations from over 190 World Health Organization (WHO) member states, as well as representatives from over 100 NGOs, foundations, corporations and other interested parties. This annual event represents one of the most important global health governance events, as it is the one time each year when WHO Member States take decisions that define internationally accepted norms, standards and regulations designed to improve and protect the public's health around the world.

As noted by Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO's current Director General, consensus and agreement was reached on several critical global public health issues, including a code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel. The WHA, through intense negotiation sessions, some of which lasted all night, also discussed and tackled other important global issues, including food safety, counterfeit medical products, the monitoring of the health-related Millennium Development Goals, strategies to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, the implementation of the International Health Regulations, and issues related to the rise of chronic non-communicable diseases, which included the issue of marketing of non-alcoholic beverages and foods to children.

CPHA participates in global health governance as well through its role within the WFPHA. Founded in 1967, the WFPHA is the global civil society for public health, bringing together national and regional public health associations from over 60 countries. CPHA became a member in 1973, and has played an important role over the subsequent 37 years. CPHA has served on the WFPHA Executive Board on several occasions, and both Gerry Dafoe and Margaret Hilson, as CPHA representatives to the WFPHA, have served as Federation President.

The Association continues to play an important role within the WFPHA. In April 2009, CPHA attended and supported the participation of representatives from over 13 national public health associations at the 12th WFPHA World Public Health Conference, held in Istanbul (Turkey). Over the past year, CPHA took responsibility to establish and chair the WFPHA Finance Committee and also contributed to the revitalization of the Federation's Tobacco Control Working Group.

CPHA will continue to contribute to the Federation's development and expansion. At its 44th Annual General Meeting on May 16th, WFPHA members elected CPHA, represented by Jim Chauvin (Director of Global Health Programs and Policy), as the Federation's Vice-President and President-Elect. CPHA will hold this position for 2 years and will assume the Presidency of the WFPHA in 2012 for a 2-year mandate. CPHA intends to help build and nurture a strong global civil society voice through the Federation's member public health associations in support of priority public health issues, including effective global health governance.

L'ACSP et la gouvernance mondiale de la sante

Cette annee, sous les auspices de la Federation mondiale des associations de la sante publique, l'ACSP a eu l'occasion de participer a la 63e Assemblee mondiale de la Sante. L'evenement a reuni les delegations des plus de 190 Etats membres de l'Organisation mondiale de la sante (OMS) et des representants d'une centaine d'ONG, de fondations, de societes et autres interesses. Cette assemblee annuelle est l'un des plus grands rendezvous de la gouvernance mondiale de la sante; c'est en effet le seul moment de l'annee ou les Etats membres de l'OMS prennent des decisions qui definissent les normes et les reglements internationaux qui visent a ameliorer et a proteger la sante du public autour du monde.

Comme l'a indique Dre Margaret Chan, directrice generale de l'OMS, plusieurs dossiers nevralgiques en sante publique mondiale ont fait l'objet d'accords et de consensus, y compris un code de pratique mondial pour le recrutement international des personnels de sante. Au fil de seances de negociation intensives dont certaines ont dure toute la nuit, l'Assemblee mondiale de la Sante a aussi debattu et aborde d'autres grands dossiers internationaux. Il a ete question de la salubrite des aliments, des produits medicaux de contrefafon, de la surveillance des objectifs du Millenaire pour le developpement lies a la sante, des strategies de reduction des effets nefastes de l'alcool et de la mise en oeuvre des Reglements sanitaires internationaux. On a aussi aborde certains enjeux lies a la hausse des maladies chroniques non transmissibles, dont le marketing des aliments et des boissons non alcoolisees aupres des enfants.

L'ACSP participe aussi a la gouvernance mondiale de la sante en tant que membre de la Federation mondiale des associations de la sante publique. Fondee en 1967, la Federation est la societe civile mondiale de la sante publique; elle rassemble les associations pour la sante publique nationales et regionales de plus de 60 pays. L'ACSP en est devenue membre en 1973 et y joue un grand role depuis 37 ans. Elle a siege au bureau de la Federation a plusieurs reprises, et ses deux representants, Gerry Dafoe et Margaret Hilson, en ont assure la presidence.

L'Association continue de jouer un grand role au sein de la Federation. En avril 2009, l'ACSP a assiste au 12e Congres mondial de sante publique a Istanbul (Turquie) et a soutenu la participation de representants de plus de 13 associations pour la sante publique nationales. L'an dernier, l'ACSP a eu la responsabilite d'etablir et de presider le Comite des finances de la Federation, et elle a contribue a revitaliser son groupe de travail antitabac.

L'ACSP continuera a oeuvrer pour le developpement et l'expansion de la Federation. Lors de leur 44e Assemblee generale annuelle le 16 mai, les membres de la Federation ont elu l'ACSP, representee par Jim Chauvin (directeur du Service des politiques et des Programmes de sante mondiale), au siege de vice-president et de president designe. L'ACSP occupera ce siege pendant deux ans et assurera la presidence de la Federation en 2012 pour un mandat de deux ans. Elle entend contribuer a faire retentir haut et fort la voix de la societe civile, par le biais des associations pour la sante publique membres de la Federation, pour faire avancer les priorites en sante publique. Une bonne gouvernance mondiale de la sante est l'une de ces priorites.
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