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CPFilms Expands Its OC Sputtered ITO Film Product Line to Include Color and UV Blocking Properties.

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CANOGA PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2002

CPFilms' Electronic Display Materials business unit has expanded its OC(TM) sputtered ITO film product line to include products that provide color and UV blocking properties.

With the expansion of EL backlighting technology into many new and innovative applications, the addition of color and UV blocking properties to the sputtered ITO film afford CPFilms' customers both design flexibility and cost effective means to develop and manufacture products that will meet the changing market demand for such applications as outdoor signage and colored EL backlights.

CPFilms is able to provide these products through its patented impregnation coating processes that ensure the color and UV coatings in the film will not flake, scratch, streak, rub or peel off. These processes further allow CPFilms to custom match virtually any color either by spectrum or by visual appearance. CPFilms proprietary UV blocking coatings block over 97% of the damaging UV rays between 290nm and 400nm. CPFilms' OC(TM) sputtered ITO films with color and/or UV blocking properties are available, on a custom basis, on both 5 and 7 mil thick PET base films.

"The addition of color and UV blocking properties to an already successful OC(TM) line of sputtered ITO film products answers our customer's need for outdoor and color applications," says Joe Gordon, Vice President of CPFilms. "This further demonstrates our commitment to provide cost effective and value added solutions to the electronic display market by utilizing a combination of vacuum coating, coating and laminating, and impregnation coating technologies that are unique to CPFilms."

CPFilms' Electronic Displays business unit was formed in April 2001 to provide value added film-based solutions to help its customers to offer cost effective and quality differentiated electronic display products. CPFilms' Electronic Display Materials business unit supplies a comprehensive line of products, including transparent conductive films, anti-reflective films, light blocking and enhancing films (UV, IR or color), oxygen and moisture barrier films, and silicone & non-silicone release liners.

About CPFilms Inc.

Headquartered in Martinsville, Virginia, CPFilms Inc., a business unit of Solutia (NYSE: SOI) and, is a leading supplier of solar control window films for automotive and architectural applications. CPFilms also supplies a wide range of precision-coated film products to OEM manufacturers in the electronic, graphic arts and imaging, medical, and label and packaging markets worldwide. CPFilms currently has three major manufacturing sites strategically located in Martinsville, Virginia, Canoga Park, California, and Runcorn, England.

About Solutia, Inc.

St. Louis-based Solutia, Inc. uses world-class skills in applied chemistry to create solutions for customers, whose products are used by consumers every day. The company is a world leader in performance films for laminated glass and aftermarket applications; resins and additives for high-value coatings; specialties such as aviation hydraulic fluid and environmentally friendly cleaning solvents for aviation; an integrated family of nylon products including high-performance polymers and fibers; and process development and scale-up services for pharmaceutical fine chemicals.
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Comment:CPFilms Expands Its OC Sputtered ITO Film Product Line to Include Color and UV Blocking Properties.
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Date:Apr 29, 2002
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