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CPEC's enemies.

Byline: M.T. Ali - Lahore

THE China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was formally announced in 2013. It comprises a series of projects beneficial to both countries.

However, ever since its inception there has been severe opposition to it from some countries with the Indian lobby screaming the loudest. Many of these countries are trying to create hurdles in the project.

The nation needs to beware of these enemies, especially the fifth columnists among our ranks that are obeying their foreign masters.

One fails to understand why these countries, particularly the ones that are oceans away, are so concerned about an economic project which should be of no concern to them. For the sake of peace and prosperity of the globe, they should mend their ways and tend to their own affairs.

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Author:M.T. Ali - Lahore
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 9, 2020
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