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CPE graduates.

Herbert Dan Adams MD, CPE

Yekeen A. Aderibigbe MD, MBA, CPE

Adnan A. Al-Mazrooa MD, CPE

Samuel L. Alfano DO, MMM. CPE

Sameh A. Basta MD, CPE

Ramon Edmundo D. Bautista MD, MBA, CPE

Paul P. Bergeron MD, CPE

Lon A. Blaser DO, CPE

Gregory William Branch MD, MBA, CPE

Gary P. Brazel MD, CPE

David L. Callender MD, MBA, CPE

Patrick M. Carter MD, MBA, CPE

Paul Robert Cass DO,CPE

Frank E. Chervenak MD, MMM, CPE

Robert J. Cody MD, MBA, CPE

Christopher T. Da Costa MD, MBA, PhD, CPE

Fidel Davila MD, MMM, CPE

Theodore C. Dyer MD, MHA, CPE

William Gavin Elliott MD, MMM, CPE

Robert W. Ellis MD, CPE

Thomas Brian Foster MD, CPE

John Lawrence Ginsburg MD, CPE

Chris Giorshev MD, CPE

Lina Guertin MD, CPE

Hermilo O. Jazmines MD, MHA, MBA, CPE

David G. Klein MD, BS, MBA, CPE

Martin S. Kohn MD, MS, CPE

John M. Kosanovich MD, MBA, CPE

Dean Dennis Krahn MD, MS, CPE

Michael R. Kuettel MD, MBA, PhD, CPE

Anand Lal MD, MPH, CPE

Barbara B. Loeb MD, MBA, CPE

Donald E. Manning MD, MMM, CPE

Hugh Love McLaurin MD, MBA, CPE

Rahul C. Mehta MD, CPE

Ana Maria Mello MD, MS, CPE

Lynne H. Milgram MD, MBA, CPE

Gregory A. Miller MD, BS, MBA, CPE

Ziad K. Mirza MD, CPE

Bhupinder Singh Nakai MD, CPE

James Matthew Neal MD, CPE

Michael D. Neill MD, MMM, CPE

Peterminh V. Nguyen MD,PD, MSPH, CPE

Thomas A. Parrino MD, MBA, CPE

Gary Piefer MD. MS, CPE

Victor Lawrence Roberts MD, MBA, CPE

Heather Zuelene Sankey MD, CPE

David C. Seaberg MD, CPE

Michael D. Shapiro MD, FACE CPE

Tod B. Sloan MD, MBA, PhD, CPE

Ramprasad Sripada MD, MMM, CPE

Dwight David Stapleton MD, MMM, CPE

Gustavo Stringel MD, CPE

William Kiely Sullivan MD, MSPH, MBA, CPE

Harold Bryant Sunderman MD, CPE

Gregory Wayne Taylor MD, MSHA, CPE

Kirk Andre Veit MD, CPE
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Title Annotation:Certified Physician Executive
Publication:Physician Executive
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Nov 1, 2003
Previous Article:Ragupathy Veluswamy, MD, MMM, CPE, is medical director of quality and utilization at Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood, N.J.
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