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CPC's e-Captioning Technology Sets a New Standard for Closed Captioning.

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- CPC's e-Captioning software-based encoding and tape or tapeless delivery of closed captions has firmly established itself as the new industry standard. Closed captioning is required by the FCC for virtually all TV broadcasts in the United States, and by the CRTC for most TV broadcasts in Canada. e-Captioning delivers dramatically faster and cheaper workflows for closed captioning, by streamlining the video delivery process. For details, click on

Eliminates Traditional Hardware Encoders and Linear Tape-based Workflows

Traditionally, closed captioning required a video production facility to mail master tapes to a caption service company, which would run the video tape through legacy tape-to-tape encoding hardware, incurring generation loss in the video. This legacy hardware is pretty expensive (a closed caption hardware encoder can cost from $2,000 to $10,000, not including the costs of the software, tape decks, time code reader equipment, etc.). This made captioning costs high, and it was not feasible for most facilities to own and operate their own closed captioning hardware.

Today, utilizing e-Captioning, editors and post houses do not need to buy expensive closed caption hardware encoders. Instead, they can simply exchange closed caption and subtitle documents over the internet, and apply them to their video (including HD and SD tape, DVD/Blu-ray, and all kinds of digital files) using any non-linear video editing software. e-Captioning technology makes small caption files that are easily transmitted over the internet, even if the final deliverable is uncompressed HD.

This software-only workflow eliminates the need for running master tapes through legacy equipment, vastly reducing the cost and time previously required for closed captioning. It also opens up new workflows for the non-linear editing and conversion of previously closed captioned videos without losing the captions.

Easy Caption Creation Process

CPC's CaptionMaker (Windows) and MacCaption (Mac) software are full-featured caption authoring suites that create closed captions from scratch using a transcript and reference video. The software also imports, edits, and exports all industry-standard caption file formats such as SCC, CAP, ULT, STL, CIN, etc. It encodes closed captions to videotape (all HD and SD formats), QuickTime, AVI, MPEG-2, MXF, WMV, Flash, etc., and can also retrieve closed captions from previously captioned videos in any of these formats. It can also manipulate caption timecode to ensure proper sync and support for multiple video frame rates including 29.97 NTSC, 25 PAL, 23.976 and 59.94 HD, etc.

CPC has continuously innovated new captioning technology, allowing the e-Captioning workflow to now be used with all the latest formats and devices, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, and many more. The same closed captions can be re-used for all supported formats. For details, click on

CPC - The Closed Captioning Software Leader

e-Captioning is just one of CPC's many industry-leading innovations in its line of Macintosh and Windows closed captioning and subtitling software. Since releasing the first simultaneous closed captioning/teleprompting software in 1986, and revolutionizing the closed captioning industry with e-Captioning in 2001, CPC has continuously innovated new closed captioning workflows to meet the industry's needs. CPC also operates an award winning captioning and subtitling service. For more information, please visit
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Date:Apr 7, 2010
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