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CPAid Expert System.

CPAid Expert System, CPAid, 1061 Fraternity Circle Drive, Kent, OH 44240, (216) 678-9015. Included FREE with CPAid's Master Tax Program and/or upgrades.

This support database supplement is a distillation of the company's customer support experience combined with a hardware and software trouble-shooting guide for immediate access to Master Tax Program users. By accessing the system database, users can get immediate answers to frequently asked questions on installation and use of the Master Tax Program thereby eliminating the need and delay of placing a support call. The new Master Tax program component also provides a feature tailored to the skill of the user -- novice or expert. A novice, for example, can instantly access highlighted key word definitions or concept explanations while learning the Master Tax program. On the other hand, experts can "step over" these basic features, access the information they need directly and get back to the task at hand. The support database is automatically included with all Master Tax Program packages or upgrades at no extra cost.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
Article Type:evaluation
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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