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10K Wizard, Dallas, Texas, the online provider of free access and full-text search of the SEC's EDGAR database, has selected Coyote Point's Equalizer, a load balancing network appliance, to guarantee fast access and 24-hour availability to the tens of thousands of users who have flooded the company's Web site ( in recent weeks.

"As the only online search engine for SEC filings, we knew that traffic would be very heavy right out of the starting gate. After all, we're offering free, incomparably easy access to highly valuable information. We were determined not to drive site visitors away with failed connections or slow download times," explained Martin Zacarias, co-founder and CEO of 10K Wizard. "Recently, excellent press coverage of our site has spurred a dramatic surge in our Web traffic -- we're fast approaching a million page views per month, with no end in site to geometric growth. Equalizer has handled the expanded load flawlessly."

Efficient traffic management was particularly crucial to 10K Wizard because speed is a major part of the new company's competitive advantage over other Edgar data providers. 10K Wizard's proprietary software has indexed every document in Edgar, making it 100 times faster than sites built with ready-made software. "We needed to ensure that downloading a document from our site would be as easy as locating it," explained Zacarias.

Coyote Point's Equalizer is an intelligent load balancer that provides highly efficient failover, sophisticated traffic routing capabilities, and a browser-based graphical display of server performance that is the best trending analysis tool in the business. Starting at $3,995, Equalizer also costs less than half of competitors' products. "We competitively tested load balancing products and found Equalizer to be the most efficient, easiest to use, and best-priced solution," said Zacarias.

Sticky Sessions, Swift Connections

10K Wizard requires sophisticated traffic management not only because of a high volume of "hits," but because the document-rich database draws users into involved sessions. "Our users average over 20 page views per unique user session," explained Mr. Zacarias. "In a typical session, a user might do two or three searches, view several documents and download two of them --maybe a two-page S-1/A and a 58-page IPO filing. It's critical to maintain a seamless session as the user moves from page to page. Equalizer is able not only to select the server best equipped to handle the next unique session, but to maintain continuity for a user sending multiple requests."

Instant Scalability

Because the Equalizer was shipped preconfigured, installation was painless. "We were able to plug it in, point it at the servers in the cluster, and it worked immediately," said Mr. Zacarias. "Now, it requires zero maintenance -- we don't even think about it. We do monitor the graphical display of server performance, which enables us to understand activity levels at a glance, making it very easy to determine when to add another server to the cluster. And with Equalizer installed, we can add a new server or take one down for maintenance without any service interruption. It's really taken all the angst out of site management."

Scaling for Megagrowth

Providing efficient access to SEC filings is just the beginning for 10K Wizard. The company plans to leverage its technology to provide searchable access to other public information sources -- for example, huge legal databases. As the company grows, Equalizer will be there to scale the infrastructure -- ensuring not only that each server is used to maximum capacity, but providing trending analysis that makes it possible to project future hardware needs. "When a million monthly page views becomes 10 million or 100 million, Equalizer will be there to provide the same high availability we've been able to maintain from the start," Mr. Zacarias concluded.

About Coyote Point Systems

Coyote Point Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of server management devices for enabling scalable, highly-available server clusters. Recognized for intuitive configuration and low maintenance, price/performance and superior trending analysis, Coyote Point's Equalizer ensures fast connections and fail-safe 24x7 access to web sites and other critical Internet and intranet applications. Envoy, a software add-on, enables Equalizer to direct online traffic across multiple server clusters located anywhere in the world. Coyote Point solutions support all Internet protocols and accommodate all operating systems. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and can be contacted directly at 650-969-6000 or on the web at

About 10K Wizard

10K Wizard ( provides free real-time online access and full-text search of the EDGAR system, thus providing the public a real-time link to the SEC's filings. 10K Wizard's market leading, proprietary search technology gives users the ability to not only view the latest SEC filings of more than 70,000 companies, but search historical filings, from the start date of each company's existence, by keywords, phrases and names. 10K Wizard also allows users to develop and store their own portfolio of "searches" (Alerts) which monitor new SEC filings as they are received. The system notifies the user via e-mail when a new SEC filing meets his or her criteria.

For more information, call 972-716-0500.
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