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 ATLANTA, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its continued efforts to develop cable TV-based Personal Communication Services (PCS), Cox Enterprises Inc., announced it will test QUALCOMM Incorporated's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) radio technology.
 The tests will include a series of telephone calls, which will transmit CDMA radio signals to portable telephones using Cox's PCS testbed in the Cox Cable TV system in San Diego.
 "Cox is very interested in the PCS market and for some time has been developing cable TV-based PCS," said Bill Killen, vice president, planning and analysis for Cox. "We are aware of the potential advantages CDMA offers in wireless communications. These tests will help us explore that potential as delivered through our cable TV network."
 PCS is a proposed new wireless communications service that will change the way we communicate by providing instant access to any consumer who owns a pocket-sized PCS phone -- anywhere in a metropolitan area. As a result of recent legislation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to begin licensing PCS carriers through an auction of radio frequencies in 1994.
 QUALCOMM has developed CDMA for mobile communications and is actively involved in the implementation of CDMA in PCS and other wireless applications. "Cox has been recognized as an early innovator in the PCS area," said Harvey White, president of QUALCOMM. "We feel it is fitting that two leaders in PCS -- Cox, who is one of the largest cable companies in the world, and QUALCOMM, the standard-setter for CDMA digital wireless -- will work together in San Diego to conduct these tests." To date, QUALCOMM's CDMA has been deployed in numerous PCS and cellular trials, and recently has been adopted as a basis for a North American digital cellular standard known as IS-95.
 The PCS test phone calls will start at QUALCOMM's base station, located at a cable TV head end (central operating center of a cable TV system). CDMA signals will then travel over Cox's fiber optic and coaxial cable network to a neighborhood within the San Diego cable TV system. Finally, a microcell will transmit the signals over the air and deliver them to QUALCOMM's portable phones.
 Cox Enterprises is a major media company with headquarters in Atlanta. Cox was the first company with cable TV interests to apply for a PCS experimental license. On Feb. 12, 1992, Cox made the nation's first PCS call through a cable TV system. Cox was awarded a Pioneer's Preference by the FCC in October 1992 for its work in developing cable TV-based PCS.
 QUALCOMM Incorporated develops, manufactures, markets, licenses and operates advanced communications systems and products based on digital wireless technology. QUALCOMM's products include the OmniTRACS(a) system, and digital wireless telephone systems and products based on CDMA technology. The company also develops and markets a wide range of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) devices.
 (a) registered trademark
 -0- 8/30/93
 /CONTACT: Bill Killen of Cox Enterprises, 404-843-5190, or Tom Crawford of QUALCOMM Incorporated, 619-597-5715/

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Date:Aug 30, 1993

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