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New hints of a fourth neutrino found: reactors' antiparticle output defies theoretical expectations. Mar 19, 2016 1349
How science saved the Eiffel Tower. Brief article Nov 29, 2014 113
The New Universe and the Human Future. Book review Aug 27, 2011 278
Lighting the universe: rethinking what the first stars were like. Jul 30, 2011 2155
Next solar cycle may be a no-show: studies suggest sun may be headed for decades of dormancy. Jul 16, 2011 466
Mercury's messages. Brief article Jul 16, 2011 136
Introducing ... superdupernovas: exceptional brightness marks new class of stellar explosion. Jul 2, 2011 484
Black hole jets, now in HD. Brief article Jul 2, 2011 176
Galaxy gets an arm extension: new finding suggests Milky Way has a rare symmetry. Jun 18, 2011 468
Survey sees local universe in 3-D. Brief article Jun 18, 2011 195
New evidence for WIMPs reported: Minnesota experiment finds possible signs of dark matter. Brief article Jun 4, 2011 248
Crab Nebula's behavior confounds: latest outbursts send theorists skittering for an explanation. Jun 4, 2011 422
Former planet may have a tail: Pluto appears to trail a wispy cloud of carbon monoxide. Brief article May 21, 2011 246
Dry ice suggests recently wet Mars: frozen carbon dioxide could thicken Red Planet's atmosphere. May 21, 2011 420
Messenger pays a yearlong visit to Mercury. May 21, 2011 1347
XENON100 finds no dark matter: detector puts new limits on elusive material's properties. May 7, 2011 274
New scenario for planetary births: theory offers way to explain diversity of extrasolar orbs. Apr 23, 2011 530
Mercury viewed close-up. Brief article Apr 23, 2011 153
What happened before the big bang? Pre-bang branes and bubbles. Apr 23, 2011 1164
Further evidence for dark energy: more precise measurements rule out alternative proposal. Apr 9, 2011 392
NASA's planetary science to-do list: panel identifies Mars life probe as top mission for funding. Brief article Apr 9, 2011 259
Star cents: how the cost of NASA's next big space telescope skyrocketed. Apr 9, 2011 3196
Spots suggest sun's doldrums likely to continue: despite recent flare, weak solar activity still expected. Mar 26, 2011 866
Shortcut through a wormhole star: spacetime tunnels may exist with aid of 'phantom matter'. Brief article Mar 26, 2011 231
Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo. Book review Mar 26, 2011 263
Black holes put their spin on light: Effect could help studies of Milky Way's own heavyweight. Mar 12, 2011 378
Comet Tempel 1, take two. Brief article Mar 12, 2011 178
First stars might still shine today: slow-burning remnants from the early universe may exist. Feb 26, 2011 365
A thousand-plus worlds to explore: Kepler mission releases details on newly discovered planets. Brief article Feb 26, 2011 299
Lack of funds will force Fermilab to shut Tevatron by September's end: U.S. atom smasher will cede Higgs search to Europe's LHC. Feb 12, 2011 866
Nearby black hole's heft pinpointed: Galaxy M87's massive heart weighs in at 6.6 billion suns. Feb 12, 2011 373
Rocky body beyond solar system. Brief article Feb 12, 2011 126
Massive clusters and cold clumps. Brief article Feb 12, 2011 137
Solar conundrum may be cracked: observations could reveal why sun's corona is so hot. Jan 29, 2011 448
An odd place for life's ingredients: asteroid may have made amino acids with water-free recipe. Brief article Jan 29, 2011 260
Cosmic reincarnation may be dead: scientists skeptical of recent evidence for series of Big Bangs. Jan 15, 2011 348
Liguid acquisition: two new scenarios ramp up debate over how Earth got its water. Jan 15, 2011 2702
Billions, billions and more billions: new estimate triples number of stars populating cosmos. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 243
Shocking signals from Crab nebula: gamma-ray flares from supernova remnant baffle astronomers. Jan 1, 2011 462
Particle collider in the sky. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 139
Cosmic radiation analysis hints at series of universal reincarnations: circular patterns suggest latest Big Bang was one of many. Dec 18, 2010 681
It came from another galaxy: extrasolar planet's origin traced to beyond Milky Way. Brief article Dec 18, 2010 347
Milky Way blows cosmic bubbles: Gamma-ray blobs emanate from the center of the galaxy. Dec 4, 2010 466
Spacecraft encounters comet. Brief article Dec 4, 2010 167
The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality. Book review Dec 4, 2010 295
Gamma rays may signal detection of dark matter in Milky Way's core: Fermi telescope data analysis matches other experiments. Nov 20, 2010 684
Habitable exoplanet find questioned: Swiss team's analysis can't confirm discovery of Gliese 581g. Nov 6, 2010 521
Comet impostor ID'd as asteroid: Hubble and Rosetta images undo space rock's disguise. Brief article Nov 6, 2010 220
Life on Earth may have roots in air: early atmosphere capable of assembling life's ingredients. Nov 6, 2010 415
Saturn moon may sport seltzer sea: fizzy ocean could be source of eruptions on Enceladus. Brief article Nov 6, 2010 302
Close encounter fascinates media: small space rocks often pass within radius of moon's orbit. Brief article Oct 9, 2010 197
Mars organics were possibly missed: Viking's tests could have destroyed building blocks of life. Oct 9, 2010 468
Astronomers get closer to finding faraway Earths: two planetary systems offer new clues on planet formation. Sep 25, 2010 868
Wishing on stars, hoping for funds: astronomers prioritize their projects for coming decade. Brief article Sep 11, 2010 231
Twinkle, twinkle, little fuzzy dot: astronomers still wonder whether you're a planet or not. Sep 11, 2010 439
Nearby galaxy is a very dark place: holds record for concentration of mysterious missing mass. Aug 28, 2010 357
Mining for missing matter: in underground lairs, physicists look for the dark stuff. Aug 28, 2010 2877
Search for Higgs is hot, not heavy: new data indicate lower mass is probable for elusive particle. Aug 14, 2010 479
Among stars, heavyweight champ: stellar record-holder weighs in at 265 times mass of sun. Brief article Aug 14, 2010 268
Neutrino data hint at need for revised theories: nearly massless particles could turn physics on its ear. Jul 17, 2010 607
Crash of '09 suspect named: asteroid probably to blame for scar on Jupiter. Jul 3, 2010 385
Titan chemistry yields hint of life: other factors could explain lack of acetylene, hydrogen. Brief article Jul 3, 2010 284
Kepler promises planetary bonanza: more than 700 new candidates added to roster of exoplanets. Jul 3, 2010 374
Muons offer clue to why universe isn't just space: matter-antimatter imbalance hints at need for new physics. Jun 19, 2010 552
Black hole found a little off-center: displacement could provide clue to history of galaxy M87. Jun 19, 2010 466
WISE craft probes Heart and Soul. Brief article Jun 19, 2010 224
Fast-moving star is a heavyweight: but it might be wimpy compared with others in neighborhood. Jun 5, 2010 439
Voyage to the Heart of Matter: the Atlas Experiment at CERN. Book review Jun 5, 2010 273
Satellite spots some sun secrets: first images released from Solar Dynamics Observatory. May 22, 2010 392
Hubble's instant classic. Brief article May 22, 2010 165
Not your father's space program: Obama leaves the moon off his new road map for NASA. Brief article May 8, 2010 280
Stellar neighbor is a cool slacker: nearest brown dwarf barely ghot enough to bake a potato. Brief article May 8, 2010 321
Inventing the light fantastic: ideas behind laser born long before device itself. May 8, 2010 4753
Charles Townes: laser pioneer reflects on making Einstein's idea real. Interview May 8, 2010 826
Hot gas flows cause sunspot lows: satellite observations could improve solar cycle forecasts. Apr 10, 2010 488
Express tour of Phobos. Brief article Apr 10, 2010 161
Happy 20th, Hubble: flying observatory's cosmic portraits continue to capture hearts and minds. Cover story Apr 10, 2010 1517
Large Hadron Collider finally set to begin regular proton beam collisions: accelerator will be limited to half power for 18 to 24 months. Mar 13, 2010 527
Hogan's noise: a cosmologist suggests a novel way to uncover the nature of spacetime on the smallest scales. Mar 13, 2010 2637
Relic radiation refines age of cosmos: satellite data support inflation, confirm primordial helium. Feb 27, 2010 530
Galaxies may be most distant yet: potential Hubble findings push limits of current technology. Jan 30, 2010 853
New planet-hunter captures quarry: Kepler mission spots five extrasolar orbs in first six weeks. Jan 30, 2010 471
Where there's smoke, supernovas: gamma-ray burst may have illuminated ancient stardust. Jan 30, 2010 363
Back story: alternative visions of super-earth GJ 1214B. Brief article Jan 16, 2010 101
Earliest stage of star birth detected: telescope finds dust cloud contracting into prestellar core. Jan 16, 2010 542
New observatory sees star babies. Brief article Jan 16, 2010 134
On the fringe: astronomers look to the kuiper belt for clues to the solar system' history. Jan 16, 2010 2673
Dark matter particle found, maybe: mine experiment yields evidence of possible WIMP detection. Jan 2, 2010 377
Revving up particles in the cosmos: Cygnus X-3 gamma rays may help explain power of quasars. Dec 19, 2009 738
Observations of starburst galaxies provide clue to cosmic ray origins: detection of gamma rays solidifies supernova explanation. Dec 5, 2009 706
Sign of antimatter seen in lightning: gamma-ray flash energies indicate presence of positrons. Brief article Dec 5, 2009 251
Photons' photo finish puts limits on grainy space: light-speed result challenges theories of quantum gravity. Nov 21, 2009 372
Extrasolar planet population grows: roster tops 400 with 32 additions, including 6 superEarths. Brief article Nov 21, 2009 296
At solar system's edge, astronomers find a surprise wrapped in a ribbon: IBEX results raise questions about heliosphere's boundary. Nov 21, 2009 646
Saturn reveals largest known planetary ring; telescope detects dust band 200 times planet's diameter. Nov 7, 2009 358
Europa's oxygen-filled ocean. Brief article Nov 7, 2009 190
Moon crash delivers puny plume; signs of iron and mercury, but not yet frozen water, found. Brief article Nov 7, 2009 260
Icy asteroid. Brief article Nov 7, 2009 84
The rock that fell to Earth. Brief article Nov 7, 2009 162
The damp moon: team finds water on lunar surface: interior volcanic rocks also hold more [H.sub.2]O than thought. Oct 24, 2009 563

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