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THREE of Wales' four party leaders delivered their message to the people of Wales yesterday. This is Plaid's belated answer to our question: Why should the people of Wales vote for you?

THE Party of Wales is different because our vision and policies are made in Wales especially for the people of Wales. We're answerable to you, the voters, not London pay-masters. And we guarantee Plaid Cymru will stand up for the needs of the people of Wales.

The National Assembly has been a big flop. It has become little more than a talking shop and has achieved little. It's clear why. It lacks clout and is led by a government that hasn't a clue.

Hospital waiting lists out of control, massive job losses, and rising crime rates are the real record of New Labour's rule in Cardiff Bay. Plaid Cymru is the only party that can sort out this mess.

We've made health our No.1 priority. We will get resources to frontline services. New Labour's only concern has been to line the pockets of fat cat bureaucrats. By the end of the first term of a Plaid government in 2007 there will be 500 more beds, 300 more doctors, and many more nurses - and that's a promise we'll keep!

Much of Wales is so poor that Europe wants to give us millions of pounds of 'Objective One' money to tackle that poverty. New Labour in Cardiff have been so desperate to please Gordon Brown in London that they are frittering away this golden opportunity. Plaid would make sure Europe's money is used to create jobs not more quangos and red tape.

Crime is on the up in Wales. Thousands won't leave their homes at night because they're afraid of violence and the threat of burglary. New Labour has broken its promise to be 'tough on crime'. Plaid Cymru would get more bobbies on the beat.

As well as tackling these problems head on, backed by you the people of Wales, we'd also insist the Assembly becomes a proper Welsh Parliament, similar to the Scottish Parliament, rather than the talking shop it is now. Plaid Cymru is the Party of Wales and the Party for everyone living in Wales.

Ten reasons to vote for us:

1. 500 more beds; 300 more doctors; 2. Free eye tests and dental checks for all; 3. Free home help; 4. An extra pounds 50 a week per bed for Care Homes; 5. More bobbies on the beat; 6. More detox help; 7. Better victim support; 8. Real jobs throughout Wales; 9. Put Objective One back on track; 10. Abolish school tests for 11 and 14-year-olds.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Apr 29, 2003
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