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Byline: The Register-Guard

Sunday Business: A story on Page B6 had an incorrect figure for the assets managed by hedge funds worldwide. The correct figure is $1.18 trillion.

City/Region: Danelle Ralston serves on the Willamalane park district board, not the Springfield school board. A story on Page B1 in Friday's paper was in error.

City/Region: A story on Page C1 in Sunday's paper misstated Oregon Right to Life's position on Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron Saxton. The group has not taken a position on his candidacy in the general election and will not make a decision until later this summer.

City/Region: A story on Page B1 in Friday's paper contained an inaccurate figure for the amount of wetlands that would be paved over for the West Eugene Parkway. To build the entire 5.8-mile length of the parkway, about 70 acres of wetlands would be filled.

City/Region: A brief that ran on Page C4 in Monday's paper misspelled the site of a meeting at noon Friday in Veneta about a plan for growth. The meeting will be held in the Konnie Room of the Fern Ridge Library.

News sources or readers who see errors in The Register-Guard are encouraged to call 485-1234 and ask for the News Department.
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Title Annotation:Corrections
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Article Type:Correction notice
Date:Jun 13, 2006
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