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For the past few weeks millions of Corrie fans have been wishing someone would make Sally see sense and convince her she was dating a rapist.

CORONATION STREET (It's a tribute to Sally Dynevor's acting skills that she makes many of us want to reach through the TV, give her a good shake and yell: "Listen to Carla and Maria!") However, it finally looks like the penny is dropping for Ms Holier-than-Thou as cracks start showing in Foster's mask of innocence.

Pompous matriarch Anne is also getting wise to her son's liaisons with Jenny, but when she asks him what his actions mean for the business, Frank suggests she should stay with her sister.

Rejecting her and Sally from his life in favour of a future with Jenny, Anne makes plans to leave, but not before she's warned Sally that Frank doesn't care for her.

Having witnessed the incident with Simon in the Rovers, Ken urges Peter to consider the effects of his actions on the youngster, and Gail is furious as Lewis begins his community service picking up litter.

She can't believe the leniency of his punishment, but her argument with Audrey at the Bistro looks like ruining the ambience for a critic; if only a charmer were around to save the day.

Eileen gets a few days off work to help care for Lesley, and Rita tires of Norris making snide comments about Dennis, who is determined to start paying his own way - for a change.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 25, 2012
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