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CORONATION BLEEP; Stars warned to mind their language on live TV special.


CORONATION Street stars have been given a "watch-your- language" warning by the show's producers, terrified they could turn the air blue during the soap's special live episode.

Street chiefs fear that if someone fluffs a line they could forget it's live and say something that will land the show in trouble with TV watchdogs.

To try to avoid any slip-ups, the show's stars have been given a list of 20 swear words that are banned and warned they will be in trouble if they blurt them out.

But the idea was branded a joke by one source on the show last night. "It's crazy to think an actor will remember to say darn instead of something nearer the knuckle in the heat of the moment" he said.

The show goes out live on Friday to celebrate 40 years on TV. But it is the first time since the 1960s it has not been pre-recorded.

Episodes are usually shot six weeks ahead so it does not matter if anyone fluffs their lines.

"Some of the stars would make a sailor wince with the language they use when they make a mistake during a recording," said the insider on the show.

"Now bosses fear someone will inadvertently curse out loud during the live episode.

"The actors are all professionals but things do go wrong. But it could be disastrous if it happened live, especially as The Street has so many young fans."

Programme-makers are given strict instructions about what words can and can't be used before the official 9pm watershed.

A Street spokesman said: "This is a first for us in recent years and we're hoping everything will go smoothly."


CURSED: Jack will even have to mind his language talking to Terry
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 3, 2000
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