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Corigin, Princeton, N.J., a global provider of mainframe data access software solutions, has announced that EDF Energy, owned by the EDF Group, an integrated energy company and leader in electricity generation and distribution, has implemented Corigin as part of its data warehouse solution.

Rachel Smith, Data Warehouse Application Manager, EDF Energy, said, "Our recent acquisitions almost doubled our data requirements and our infrastructure needed to be able to keep up with our changing business requirements."

Amnon Presler, CEO of Corigin said, "Existing data consolidation and movement processes were already multi-faceted and time consuming, and thwarted the access of valuable data on a timely basis. With the increase in data, the situation was only going to get worse, which is why EDF Energy needed to identify a solution, such as Corigin."

Based on its patented technology and suite of products, Corigin designed a solution for EDF where bulk mainframe data movement into the open systems data warehouse was implemented directly from mainframe storage instead of going through the actual mainframe and network channels. An initial proof of concept showed that Corigin was able to provide a better than 5 to 1 improvement in data transfer times -- with the selected data being moved into Oracle directly from DB2 in less than two hours, instead of the previous 10 plus hours. In addition, Corigin provided EDF Energy with the ability to update the data warehouse in near real-time, reflecting changes in DB2 rapidly on the corresponding Oracle data under UNIX. A five-stage process was reduced to a single stage, network congestion when files are transferred from the mainframe storage to the AIX platform was reduced, and now only one department was needed to support the mainframe data access process rather than multiple departments.

Presler concluded, "Corigin's mainframe data access solutions deliver measurable return on investment. In this instance, EDF Energy was able to diminish reliance on multiple resources while vastly improving its user data access experience."

More About Corigin's Mainframe Data Access Using Enterprise Storage

Corigin's secure, non-invasive high-speed mainframe data access solution enables organizations to dramatically reduce mainframe (MIPS) consumption charges, quickly access business-critical mainframe data, and rapidly demonstrate return on investment. The major advantage of Corigin is that its patented storage retrieval solution capitalizes on data storage controller technology minimizing costly mainframe usage and increasing the speed of data transfer simplifying how open systems access, migrate and distribute mainframe data. Corigin's architecture can be used to displace the mainframe capabilities required to support many key information initiatives -- such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence.

More About Corigin

Launched in 2002, Corigin is a global provider of breakthrough mainframe data access software solutions that deliver cost-savings, availability, and productivity. Corigin's customers include market leaders in the financial services, utilities and telecommunications sectors. The company's executive team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and data management leaders. Venture funded, Corigin's investors include Vertex Venture Capital and Genesis Partners. Corigin's U.S. subsidiary is located in Princeton, N.J. with corporate headquarters in Israel.

For more information, visit or call 732/542-2000, ext. 11.
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Date:Jan 1, 2005

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