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CORBYN: DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY; Labour chief to tell MPs they have 'historic duty' to spark global fight.

Byline: PippaCrerar Editor

JEREMY Corbyn will today urge MPs to do their "historic duty" and declare the world's first climate emergency.

The Labour leader will force a vote to demand the Government acts "with commensurate urgency" to tackle the environmental crisis in the wake of mass protests.

His call comes ahead of a major report tomorrow that will recommend new laws committing us to be zero-carbon by 2050.

And Environment Secretary Michael Gove yesterday raised hopes of adopting tougher plans to cut carbon emissions, saying he was "open to a higher level of ambition than we have seen in the past".

Labour is calling for action on rising temperatures and wildlife loss, waste reduction and boosts to renewables and low carbon tech. Mr Corbyn will tell MPs: "We're living in a climate crisis that will spiral out of control unless we take rapid and dramatic action now.

"By declaring a climate emergency, we could set off a wave of action from parliaments and governments around the world.

"It's a chance that won't be available to succeeding generations. It is our historic duty to take it."

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, who met Mr Corbyn and Mr Gove last week, has voiced support.

Green campaigners, including school strikers, Momentum and Extinction Rebellion, are expected to gather outside Westminster. @PippaCrerar

We have to take rapid and dramatic action now JEREMY CORBYN ON URGENCY OF CRISIS


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 1, 2019
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