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 GOLDEN, Colo., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Zima Clearmalt, Coors Brewing Co.'s new alcohol beverage zensation, is expanding distribution nationally Feb. 7, 1994, the company announced today. Currently available in 33 percent of the United States, Zima is one of the most successful new products in the alcohol beverage industry in the past decade.
 Zima Clearmalt, which established a new category of alcohol beverage, is a clear, lightly carbonated adult alcohol beverage that offers consumers an alternative to their mainstream choices, including beer, wine, wine coolers and mixed drinks. Introduced in three test markets in September 1992, Zima was expanded into an additional 30 percent of the United States in April and October of 1993.
 "We continue to be encouraged by the marketplace response to Zima and are looking forward to expanding the brand nationally in order to meet increasing consumer and retailer demand for this exciting new product," said John Neu, Zima brand head. "Zima's success to date confirms that adult consumers are looking for an alternative to their traditional alcohol beverage choices, and we created a product that really meets this need by delivering `Zomething Different.'"
 According to Neu, Zima has achieved market share levels comparable to major wine cooler and beer brands in a number of markets around the country, and it has awareness, trial and usage levels comparable to major brands that have been on the market for many years.
 Retailers are describing Zima as one of the most successful new alcohol beverages they have seen in the past 10 years, and more than 300,000 consumers have called the Zima Hot Line, the overwhelming majority of whom are asking questions and offering praise for the product.
 Zima is being supported in the national expansion markets by the same aggressive marketing strategy that was used for the Zima test market introduction and phase one expansion. This strategy includes a comprehensive advertising campaign that features outdoor teaser billboards, television and radio spots, and print advertising in alternative newspapers. It also includes on- and off-premise promotions and a highly successful sell-in strategy that introduces Zima exclusively in bars and restaurants for one month before it is available in liquor stores, supermarkets and other chain accounts to build consumer awareness and trial.
 With the national expansion of Zima, Coors' Memphis Brewery, where the product is brewed and packaged, will increase production significantly. In addition, the brewery plans to add an additional 50 employees to its current employee base of 466. Coors has invested more than $100 million in the Memphis facility since it was purchased in 1990. In addition to Zima, Coors Cutter, Castlemaine XXXX and Coors' export products are brewed at the Memphis plant.
 Zima is made using proprietary brewing technology that features a special filtration process and unique flavor combination. It is available in 12-ounce bottles and cans that are sold individually and in six- and 12-packs. It will also be available in 22-ounce bottles in February 1994.
 Zima has received a number of awards in 1993, including selection as one of the Top 100 brands in the country in Advertising Age's "Marketing 100"; selection by Food Processing Magazine as one of the 10 most innovative new products of the year; and a first place award for New Product Beverage in the Glass Packaging Institute's 1993 Clear Choice Awards. Zima is marketed by Zima Beverage Co., an operating unit of Coors Brewing Co.
 The Zima Zensation
 "When Zima first came out, I was selling 20 cases a week and this is a small bar. We had hard-core Bud drinkers switching over to Zima!" - Bar Owner, Nashville, Tenn.
 "Zima helped us register our largest selling week this year." - Distributorship, Philadelphia.
 "We've seen products that didn't make it and others that have taken off and then faded. It's rare to see a product -- especially one that attracts a super-premium price -- take off and continue to perform as well as Zima." - Retailer, Nashville.
 "We didn't even have to sell Zima -- as soon as the product became available, our customers were asking us about it!" - Distributorship, Phoenix.
 Zima profit is 59 percent more than its nearest competitor in the super premium import category in the Lucky's chain in Sacramento. The average movement on-shelf is six times higher than all products combined in that category. - Nielsen Marketing Research, Sacramento, Calif.
 More than 300,000 callers have contacted the Zima Hotline since the product's introduction. The overwhelming majority are asking questions about and offering praise for the product.
 Here's what some of the consumers are saying about Zima:
 "Was a Bud man -- now I've switched to Zima."
 "Zima is so smooth and refreshing."
 "Can I purchase stock in Zima Beverage Company?"
 "Now we purchase Zima instead of beer."
 "I went from Miller to Zima in a heartbeat."
 "Zima is one of the best things on the market since canned beer and sliced bread."
 "Zima is stealing customers from Bud all throughout the community!"
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