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 RICHARDSON, Texas, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognizing that a compute solution that ignores the data problem is only half a solution in today's complex computing world, Convex Computer Corporation (NYSE: CNX) has announced a broad range of data management solutions. The DataSeries, consisting of hardware, robotic tape systems, software, and support services, is based on Hewlett-Packard Company's Apollo 9000 Series 700 workstations at the low end, and Convex C Series systems for high-throughput, high-capacity applications.
 "With our DataSeries family of scalable solutions, users can retain their original investment as their data grows," said James A. Balthazar, Convex vice president of marketing. "Since software and peripherals are upward-compatible, Convex customers can easily move from economical, workstation-based systems to high-end solutions with a supercomputer at the core," he continued. "Convex's keys to solving the data crisis include an ideal fileserver platform, hierarchical storage management software, high-density media, the use of robotics, and integration expertise. These components allow organizations to move most of their data to 'virtual' online or 'nearline' storage, where it is stored on more affordable media, yet appears to be online at all times."
 The company integrates fileserver platforms with leading robotically controlled tape subsystems such as the E-Systems EMASS D2 DataTower, METRUM VHS high-capacity robots, and STK 4400 Nearline systems. The sophisticated programs behind this hardware are UniTree+ and FileServ. These two hierarchical storage management applications allow users to store and retrieve scores of gigabytes of data per day. Automated archives can grow to support hundreds and even thousands of terabytes of data over time.

The Data Explosion
 "The average amount of storage used by data centers today is 1 terabyte of data (1 terabyte = 1 trillion characters)," said Sanjay Ranade, an industry analyst for Silver Spring, Maryland-based InfoTech SA, Inc., and author of The Mass Storage Report. "By the year 2000, some data centers will have to manage up to 1 petabyte of data (1000 terabytes = 1 petabyte). Convex is one of the few vendors positioned to meet this data challenge and address all aspects of the market," he added. With the commercial sector now facing the same problems as Convex's traditional customers, InfoTech estimates the current size of the integrated storage solutions market at $2 billion annually.
 "While applications for our traditional markets are gaining momentum, the commercial market for integrated data management solutions opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion," noted Balthazar. "Convex is committed to helping customers turn their complex data into knowledge, whether the stored data consists of video frames, critical financial information, or lifesaving medical images."

From Pioneer to Industry Leader
 As a leading supercomputer vendor, Convex has specialized for more than a decade in applications requiring large memory, high-capacity storage, and rapid exchange of data between storage and processors. In the late 1980s, many Convex customers began to face the issue of what to do with all the supercomputer data beamed from satellites and collected by seismic surveys. Convex began pioneering and perfecting data management solutions for a number of customers, including Sandia National Laboratories, NASA Ames, Mobil Exploration and Production, and DKRZ, Germany's climate computer center for meteorological research. These systems include a variety of software, professional services, robotic tape libraries, and computer hardware.
 The Sandia Labs solutions, for example, include four Convex C Series fileservers at two different locations running UniTree+ data management software, paired with STK 4400 robotic tape silos. Operated for the Department of Energy, a single system provides file service for more than 600 users. The Mobil solution takes a different approach, coupling a C Series fileserver with FileServ data management software and D2 helical scan tape technology from E-Systems. In this configuration, data formerly stored on more than 1 million tape reels can now reside on fewer than 15,000 D2 cassettes. Any data item can be robotically retrieved in a matter of seconds.

The DataSeries
 Convex's broad range of data management solutions, the DataSeries, provides one-stop support and integration expertise that differentiates the company's approach from piece-part solutions supported by multiple vendors. Convex integrates all the necessary components for the customer and takes sole responsibility for the system. The DataSeries includes:
 -- Fileservers ranging from entry-level HP Apollo 9000 Series 700 workstations to high-throughput Convex C Series systems for more demanding applications. An organization can store a few hundred gigabytes to thousands of terabytes.
 -- Easy-to-use software that performs unattended backup of networks of workstations and other computers, based on Software Moguls' SM-arch client and server software.
 -- Hierarchical storage management software that moves data between disk and robotic tape transparently, as though everything were stored on much more expensive magnetic disk. Convex offers a choice of UniTree+ and FileServ as the file migration software that controls the movement of data. UniTree+ is Convex's enhanced version of UniTree, OpenVision's widely distributed, IEEE-based software. FileServ is a comparable, full-featured solution originally developed by E-Systems for use with Convex systems, D2, and 3480 tape technologies.
 -- Scalable RAID disk technology that combines data integrity with the power to grow into disk farms storing terabytes of information.
 -- Leading-edge, robotically controlled tape jukeboxes including the high-capacity E-Systems EMASS DataTower, the cost-effective METRUM VHS robots, and the widely used STK 4400 Nearline systems.
 The DataSeries, which is available now, ranges in price from $150,000 to $5 million, depending on the configuration.
 Convex Computer Corporation (NYSE: CNX) is a leading worldwide supplier of affordable, high-performance computing technologies. The company markets its products primarily to scientific, engineering, and technical users for a wide variety of applications. Convex is a member of the Precision Risc Organization (PRO), an association of industry- leading companies that promote the use of HP's PA-RISC technology. Convex has sold more than 1,200 systems to over 600 customers in 47 countries. The systems are sold and serviced through direct sales and an extensive distribution network.

NOTES: Convex, the Convex logo ("C"), and C Series are trademarks of
 Convex Computer Corporation.
 FileServ and EMASS are trademarks of E-Systems Inc.
 UniTree is a trademark of OpenVision. UniTree+ is an enhanced
 version developed and maintained by Convex.
 SM-arch is a trademark of Software Moguls.
 METRUM is a trademark of METRUM Information Storage.
 Nearline is a trademark of Storage Technology Corporation.
 HP and PA-RISC are trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company.
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