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 ARDEN HILLS, Minn., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Control Data Systems (NASDAQ: CDAT) today announced that Mail-Hub, their electronic mail integration solution, now supports the 1988 CCITT X.400 Message Handling System (MHS) standard in addition to X.500 standards.
 The company also announced the immediate availability of the Mail- Hub for Sun Microsystems' SPARC systems running SunSelect's Solaris 2. Solaris 2 is the latest version of Sun's UNIX-based operating system for workstations and network servers. Control Data offers the only complete E-mail integration solution for Sun platforms.
 "Our goal at Control Data is to advance state-of-the-art, standards- based E-mail integration solutions," said James M. Payne, Mail-Hub product manager. "We are committed to providing customers with support for the most current standards and making our E-mail integration solutions available on the largest array of platforms possible. Our addition of support for the 1988 standards and the new Solaris OS bring us closer to meeting our objectives."
 Control Data has supported comprehensive X.400 and SMTP-based message switching since 1991 and was the first mail integration system to offer a complete commercially available implementation of X.500. There are still only a limited number of implementations available today.
 Mail-Hub supports most of the X.400 capabilities added in 1988, including X.500 directory services, distribution lists, support for postal delivery services and security. Of particular importance to Control Data customers are:
 -- Expanded X.400 address set. The expanded set of X.400 address elements specified in 1988 X.400 improve address definition.
 -- Distribution lists. X.400 distribution lists can now be defined in the Mail-Hub's X.500 directory with access controls to specify who can use them.
 -- Automatic downgrading. When Mail-Hub connects to a site that supports only 1984 X.400, it automatically switches 1988 format messages to 1984 format.
 -- Ability to accept and create both 1988 and 1984 mode network connections. This allows interoperability with leading edge (1988) applications, and also with legacy (1984) applications as well.
 Mail-Hub now features a number of X.400 and SMTP-based administrative tools including LookupX400Route. With LookupX400Route, a mail network administrator, given one or more X.400 Originator/Recipient (O/R) names, can determine how a message will traverse the network from a local host to a particular destination. Mail-Hub also provides support for a range of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based network management systems, including SunNet Manager for operational management of the mail system. Control Data is a SunNet Manager solutions partner.
 Solaris 2 Support
 Since the initial release of Mail-Hub in 1992, Control Data has supported a wide range of environments to accommodate its customers' installed platforms. This platform-independent strategy allows the company to support each environment in a comprehensive manner, with particular attention to the state-of-the-art operating systems and services.
 In June of 1993, the company announced support for its first non- Control Data platform -- the Sun SPARC system running Solaris 1.X. To accommodate the growing base of SunSPARC systems, the company will now support the latest version of Solaris 2.
 "SunSoft continues to advance the standard for packaged system software with the latest version of Solaris, and Control Data demonstrates its commitment to Solaris by offering users Mail-Hub support for Solaris 2," said Payne.
 With the added Solaris 2 support, users with a SPARCclassic or other SPARC systems can configure their system with Mail-Hub to provide a highly cost-effective platform for messaging integration. When configured with a SPARCclassic, the entire system with software can cost as little as $20,000.
 "This is a very attractive package for companies looking for an inexpensive, yet highly functional mail integration server, or multiple servers in a geographically dispersed configuration," Payne commented.
 Pricing and Availability
 The Mail-Hub system, with support for 1988 X.400 standards and Solaris 2, is available immediately. Mail integration services from Control Data are available through a worldwide sales organization that features direct sales offices in 40 countries.
 Mail-Hub pricing is based on the number of users in an organization and the types of services they need. A basic Mail-Hub "backbone," which includes X.400, SMTP and X.500 directory and synchronization, plus two PC mail gateways ranges from $21,000 to $54,000 in the U.S. Additional services in the U.S. market range in price from $2,000 for the installation of an additional PC gateway to $20,000 for a complex needs analysis at a 50,000-plus user installation.
 Control Data Systems offers a comprehensive range of systems, software and networking integration services. The company develops and markets Mail-Hub, the industry's most comprehensive solution for messaging integration incorporating X.400 MHS- and UNIX Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)-based messaging integration, and X.500 directory services.
 Control Data Systems, Inc. is a global systems integrator, applying the skills and experience of its computer professionals -- Control Data Brainware(TM) -- to the implementation of open systems solutions for the operational problems of customers worldwide. The company focuses its expertise on integrating computer solutions to business-specific problems, primarily in manufacturing design, network communications and database management.
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