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Byline: Mr. Sherali S. Jononov

On 22 June 1941, nazi Germany attacked the soviet Union. this news has stirred up the soviet people, and as one came to the defense of their homeland.

Tajikistan sent to the front about 300 thousand of their sons and daughters who fought valiantly for Moscow and Leningrad, stalingrad, Kursk, Minsk and Kiev as well as the liberation of Europe. the population of the republic in those years was about half a million people, then went to he front more than 20% of all its inhabitants or almost the entire adult male population, but what is very important - in the military of the country there were numerous applications for voluntary enlistment in the army.

In october 1941 in tajikistan was formed and sent to the front 20 Mountain Cavalierly division, soon taking part in the battles of Moscow. thousands of tajiks got a baptism of fire, and 150 soldiers and officer s o f th e division, distinguished themselves in the battles of Moscow, were awarded government awards.

In parts of the soviet army on various fronts heroically fought messengers of tajikistan. Warriors-tajiks participated in the heroic defense of Leningrad, the Caucasus mountains and in the battles of Kursk and dnieper.

Many of our countrymen, for the shown courage and heroism was awarded the high title of hero of the soviet Union. heroes like n. Karabayev, h. Kenjaev, i. hamzayev, d. Azizov, U., Yakubov, B. davlatov, K. Kasymov, s. turdiev, t. idigital, f. Akhmedov, i. sharipov, s. Amirshoev, M. vladimirov, C. Urazov, E. saidov and many others were born and grew up on tajik soil.

In the battles against the nazi invaders took part and our woman. As men, they showed unprecedented courage and heroism on the fronts as snipers, radio operators, gunners, machine gunners, nurses. the pilot was Muhammadjanova, inom Kurbanova, saodat Aliboeva, Jannat rakhimova, tuhfa hamsarieva, saodat sanginova, Sofia Muhammedova have shown themselves to be true patriots of their homeland, the brave women born in the land of tajikistan.

During the years of the Great Patriotic War, more than 50 thousand citizens of tajikistan were awarded orders and medals, 57 of them became Heroes of the soviet Union, 19 - knights of the order of Glory of three degrees.

In late 1941, the republic launched the formation of the 98th separate, 99th infantry and 104th cavalry brigades.

Later on the territory of tajikistan was formed and sent to the front some more joints and parts - 61st cavalry division, 31st independent tajik battalion of machine gunners and others. Military schools evacuated in stalinabad from Western cities of the country - Kharkov aviation technical school, the local military school for aircraft mechanics, Orel infantry school, Odessa artillery school 16, trained specialists.

In these difficult years, Tajikistan has become the country's forge military personnel, their supplies. thousands of young people went to the front, prepared by specialists of the military art, and many such military training helped save not only their lives but also the lives of those for whom they were responsible, serving in the rank of commanders.

The fighters formed in Tajikistan 61st cavalry division, distinguished himself by his heroism and courage in the battles for stalingrad, among whom were our countrymen.

In the famous Pavlov's house" fought heroically tajik Ahmad turdiev. for the military services many of them were awarded orders and medals, and among them were P. Abarinov, r. Anosov, i. Alpatov, i. didenko, r. ruziev, A. were, P. shchukin, M. Kholmatov and many others.

Incredible courage and heroism was manifested by the Soviet people not only on the battlefields but also in the rear. the civilian population of the republics of the Ussr worked on the rear and took millions of residents of the russian soviet federative republic, Belarus and Ukraine. thousands of soviet people have found shelter in evacuation and in tajikistan.

In accordance with the decision of the soviet government, during the war a considerable part of industrial enterprises from the front line was displaced to the East of the country: Kazakhstan and Central Asia. in tajikistan there were enterprises of light and food industry, working on local raw materials, manufacturing equipment, uniforms, parachute silk, army footwear, and much more.

The villagers of tajikistan supplied industry important types of strategic raw materials: cotton and silk, grain and livestock products. during the war years managed to increase the area under cultivation in the country, which increased the supply of grain to the state. in rural areas, in the absence of men, sent to the front, the main burden of toil on earth rests on the fragile female shoulders. And they were able to overcome all the hardships that befell them, believing that each of them contributes to the approach of a long-awaited victory.

Residents showed true patriotism, making the foundation for the construction of the tank column named farmer of tajikistan 84 million rubles for the construction of the squadron soviet tajikistan" - 35 million rubles. 6 million rubles for the armament of the soviet army was gathered very young tajik people. it should be noted that almost all the funds collected were personal savings of people for whom in those days the motto was: Everything for the front! Everything for victory!". intellectuals and workers contributed to the fund for the defence of the country personal funds and valuables, agricultural products. the tajiks in this fund was transferred to more than 75 million rubles and a large number of agricultural products.

A good tradition has been sending parcels and gifts to the veterans. People in the rear, sometimes depriving themselves of basic necessities and sent to the soldiers the best of everything they had: dried fruits, associated himself warm clothes, tobacco pouches and embroidered towels, linen, tobacco, canned food, sweets and other things as gifts and parcels. And the soldiers, inspired received news from the home front in the form of these modest but very expensive things for them, with a vengeance attacked the enemy.

The first echelon with gifts from Tajikistan was sent in december of 1941, and only the front was sent to more than one hundred fifty such cars. Typically, these trains were the most distinguished and well-known people of the republic. they met with the soldiers, telling them about how people live and work in the rear. these meetings inspired the soldiers raised their morale and allowed to perform heroic deeds.

His contribution to the fight against fascism has contributed and creative people of our country. Writers and poets - s. Aini, A. Lahuti, M. tursunzoda, M. Mirshakar, A. dehati, M. rahimi, B. rahimzadeh, d. ikrom, r. Jalil, s. Ulugzada, H. jusufi, H. Karim, F. Niyazi - in his novels and poems reflected the heroism of the Soviet people, their dedication and love of country. these works were of great moral importance for the soviet people, both in the front and in the rear.

Front theatre of the tajik ssr, established in 1943, was a manifestation of another dimension to the patriotism of its people. theatre artists during his many tours on the front lines, their performances and tried to give moral support to soldiers to boost their morale and, at least for a short time to give them to forget all the horrors of war through which they passed. inspired by these encounters with the art of soviet soldiers with redoubled force went on to beat the hated enemy, bringing the sacred victory day.

The selfless labor of the Soviet people, including the people of tajikistan during the war, inspired by patriotism were highly appreciated by the government of the Ussr. More than 102 thousand workers of tajikistan were awarded the medal for valiant Labor during the War".

More than 60 thousand tajik people, i.e. 5% of the total population or 20% of the entire adult male population of the country never returned from the terrible and brutal war. Every fifth man of that time never saw my mother, wife and children. But each family was convinced that their men have contributed to the victory over the enemy.

Great Victory, which was forged in the flint war our country 1418 long days could not happen without the selfless patriotism, unprecedented courage, and most importantly, unselfish friendship, unity and solidarity of the Soviet people.
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