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Continuent, Inc., San Jose, Calif., a leading provider of integrated solutions for continuous data availability, advanced database replication, integrated data management services and database performance scalability, has announced Continuent Tungsten solution to support PostgreSQL 9 with added capabilities to support advanced hot standby and streaming replication features.

Continuent Tungsten creates advanced data services that harness the power of multiple separate PostgreSQL databases to create highly available data services that offer the ease-of-management and processing throughput necessary to scale modern data-driven businesses economically and efficiently.

"PostgreSQL 9 is a big step forward in server capabilities thanks to hot standby and streaming replication," said Robert Hodges, CTO at Continuent. "Tungsten integrates the new features into robust, easy-to-manage database clusters that bring significant up-time and performance improvements to end users."

Tungsten for PostgreSQL highlights: - Tungsten adds advanced SQL routing and management to existing point-in-time-recover/warm standby, as well as PostgreSQL 9 log streaming and hot standby capabilities. Set-up details are handled automatically as part of cluster configuration, sparing users an often-complex configuration path.

- Tungsten's single management interface helps eliminate application downtime due to database failures or scheduled database maintenance.

-Tungsten integrated management offers a simple interface with built-in, automatic failover and simple procedures for on-line maintenance that works identically across different versions of PostgreSQL.

- Tungsten routes application SQL requests to appropriate databases, minimizing or entirely eliminating application changes necessary to use multiple copies of data effectively and efficiently. Tungsten provides multiple options for load-balancing SQL traffic across servers to ensure efficient usage of all available hardware resources.

- Tungsten conveniently integrates with existing customer applications for database backup and restore as well as monitoring to provide an overall solution that protects data and provides users the comfort of knowing that databases are up and running.

- Tungsten provides easy-to-understand diagnostics and status of database copies that show cluster status in a single glance. Administrators can quickly spot failures and dig deeper to find solutions.

Continuent Tungsten for PostgreSQL builds on the rock-solid reliability of PostgreSQL as well as advanced replication capabilities arriving with PostgreSQL 9. Tungsten clusters allow a wide range of businesses to scale data processing efficiently and economically on PostgreSQL.

Continuent Tungsten has rapidly become the open source database users' the choice for their high availability and scaling needs. Companies that already trust Continuent Tungsten, include Aetherquest, AstraZeneca (UK), Bridgepoint Education, Church Community Builder, Five9, oodrive (France), Thomson-Reuters, University of Groningen (Netherlands) and Vantrix. Continuent also has a very vibrant open source community.

About Continuent

Continuent, the leading provider of data availability and database cluster management solutions offers database high availability and incremental performance scaling using commodity hardware and databases. We provide continuous uptime so you can deliver business critical database applications with high data availability and accessibility. We also offer support, training and consulting services to our customers worldwide.

Continuent's Tungsten provides a unique collection of solutions for database replication and cluster management. Tungsten's core components are 100% open source. Tungsten is operating system independent and supports open source databases including PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB, MySQL and MariaDB.

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Date:Jun 29, 2010

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