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 HOUSTON, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Continental Airlines and Subway Sandwiches have joined forces to develop a new menu for air travelers who want the meals on their flights to be more like the food they enjoy around town. As a result, each day Continental will be taking off with the equivalent of a 4,000-foot Subway sandwich to serve to 12,000 customers on 116 flights from its Houston and Denver hubs.
 Continental is serving four-inch portions of one of three types of subs: turkey-ham, turkey breast or cold cut combo. On mealtime flights, the sub is accompanied by soup or pasta salad, as well as chips and a cookie. Served as a snack, the sub comes with carrot sticks, pretzels or bagel chips and a cookie or candy bar.
 The sandwiches are served with mustard and mayonnaise on the side. To ensure freshness and crispness, onions, green peppers, pickles, and olives were eliminated.
 Subs are prepared fresh throughout the day at Continental's Chelsea Catering kitchens, according to Subway specifications. Fresh-baked sub rolls are delivered to Chelsea twice each day. Subway has provided Chelsea with in-depth consultation on sandwich preparation, drawing on its experience in franchising its popular sub shops.
 Based on the recent successful conclusion of a test program, the Subway sandwiches are now being offered on 75 daily departures from Houston. They are being introduced on 41 daily flights from Denver this week. Later expansion will add the new in-flight food on departures from the Newark hub.
 Subway's president, Fred DeLuca, said Continental was an obvious vehicle through which Subway could distribute its sandwiches. "Not only is Continental the fifth largest airline in the nation, they also serve a total of 137 airports worldwide," he said. "But, this is a symbiotic relationship; Subway is expanding its market by introducing its product to people who may not live near a local Subway franchise and Continental serves meals that are healthy, transportable and familiar to most of its passengers. I understand that passengers are even asking for seconds."
 Dave Campbell, director of dining services at Continental, agrees with DeLuca. "Today's air traveler wants three things: freshness, quality and brand names they recognize in the food they are served," said Campbell. "We chose to work with Subway because they are the No. 1 fast-food sandwich company in the U.S. and they have always been committed to serving healthy foods. The positive feedback from the test marketing of Subway sandwiches on our flights showed that everyone loved the new menus."
 Subway is the fastest growing franchise throughout the world, with over 8,200 stores open world-wide (source: Entrepreneur magazine, '92 year end). Continental Airlines serves 84 United States and 53 international airports -- with Houston, Denver, Newark, N.J., and Cleveland as its largest connecting hubs. Continental and Subway are also working on other types of joint marketing programs as part of the overall partnership.
 -0- 11/2/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: A photo of the Subway soup-and-sandwich meal being served in-flight is available via Wieck Photo Database to any newspaper or media outlet with telephoto receiver or electronic darkroom that can accept overhead transmissions. To electronically retrieve photo free of charge, call 214-416-3686./
 /CONTACT: Continental Airlines, 713-834-5080, or Beverly Stowe of Jericho Promotions for Subway, 212-260-3744/

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Date:Nov 2, 1993

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