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CONSTRUCTED in 1930, the paddling [...].

CONSTRUCTED in 1930, the paddling pool on the Stray at Redcar, left, was originally planned to be a boating pool for young boys to sail their home-made yachts across the water, with the air of wind power.

Very soon it became a paddling pool and for many years it was very popular, until it became unsavoury and no longer suitable.

A lady councillor, who cared about local amenities, demanded the council to rectify it and modernise it also.

This entailed halving it, with one section to be a play area and the other half to be a shallow pool suitable for younger children.

A wall was built at the North-side to shelter everyone from the wind, and a fence around the circumference to exclude dogs.

Unfortunately, it is in a sad state and deserves for the children's sake some adequate repairs to be undertaken.

Following the death of the kind and understanding councillor, the public put a memorial plaque in memory of her. Mounting it on the sea-side wall and benches for people to sit on and relax.

Who now knows its future? VERA ROBINSON MBE, Redcar
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 18, 2011
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