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A stinky pinky * is defined in Dave Morice's Dictionary of Wordplay (2001) as a two-word rhyming phrase such as flower power. Web3 and Random House give it a more narrow definition as a game or puzzle in which a phrase is redefined by another made up of words that rhyme, e.g., foolish horse = silly filly. Dave (ibid.), and more extensively Ross Eckler (WW, August 2011 p. 166), give examples of stinky pinky "buzzwords" where a person redefines a term from his or her occupation by a stinky pinky. For example, a coroner defines dying of lung cancer as choke on the smoke. (Ross extended the definition to include connecting words in the rhyming phrase.)

We wondered what is the longest stinky pinky with no connecting words and no letters shared by the two words. We offer a dictionary phrase and a coinage: busy Lizzie (10 letters), the impatiens plant; choo-choo queue (13), a child's description of a line of people waiting to board a train.

We then sought a further constraint, no repeat letters anywhere in the stinky pinky. We found Bok' Jacques (10), athlete's nickname, especially a high-jumper. A bok is any S.African antelope. By realising Jacques can sometimes be spelt Jacque, we improved it to Springbok Jacque (15 letters), a redefinition of "jumping jack", the calisthenic exercise. The springbok is the jumping (pronking) antelope. [Anagram: Springbok pronks big!--Anil, Definitive Anagrams, in prep.]

Both of these, as well as busy Lizzie, rely on proper names. Our next quest was for the longest stinky pinky with no repeat letters and containing no proper names? Our best was a coinage, sleigh foray (11), sled journey or raid.

Some consider stinky pinkies should only join two words with the same number of syllables, thus rejecting choo-choo queue, Springbok Jacque, sleigh foray, and one of Ross's (ibid,.). Out best in this narrowest of definitions is again a coinage, sleigh tray (10), Santa's food holder or serving platter.

Can readers better us in any of the above categories?

* "Stinky pinky" is also the name of an obscene game (Urban Diet.), which we don't offer to play.


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Date:May 1, 2018
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