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 WHIPPANY, N.J., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Congressman Dean Gallo (R-NJ 11th District) brought his campaign to promote the use of clean- burning, domestically-produced alternative fuels to Suburban Propane's headquarters today. At an event hosted jointly by the congressman and Suburban Propane, a range of New Jersey businesses demonstrated vehicles powered by propane to showcase the benefits of alternative fueled fleets.
 "America's economic and environmental future -- as well as our national security -- depend in large part on our ability to bring clean- burning, domestic fuels to market," said Congressman Gallo. "The bill I'm sponsoring will provide incentives for individuals and businesses to follow the lead of the companies we see here today that have made the switch well ahead of the deadlines mandated by the Clean Air Act."
 A member of the House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee, Mr. Gallo is the author of legislation (The Clean Fuels Infrastructure and Incentives Act of 1993) that will create a federal grant program to encourage retail sales of alternative fuels. If passed, the law could provide New Jersey with 5 million dollars to install alternative fuel refueling facilities at retail and commercial locations across the state.
 "Ambulances, delivery trucks and other fleets from New Jersey and across the country are converting to propane fuel as a clean and efficient alternative fuel to gasoline," said Carl Richardson, senior vice president - operations and sales for Suburban Propane. "Most conversions are relatively simple and only take one day."
 "Suburban Propane is proud to be a leader in converting fleets to propane gas and to have the opportunity to support Congressman Gallo's leadership in encouraging the use of alternative fuels," added Richardson.
 Many New Jersey businesses are converting to clean-burning alternative fuels well in advance of federal mandates. Over 3.5 million vehicles worldwide, including 350,000 in the U.S., use propane gas as motor fuel.
 "New Jersey businesses are leading the way in converting to clean- burning alternative fuels sooner rather than later," explained Congressman Gallo. "That's good news for everyone who lives and works in New Jersey because we need to do everything we can to tackle the Garden State's ozone problems which are second only to California's."
 Congressman Gallo's legislation establishes a three-year grant program to states and qualified private businesses to develop clean fuels distribution outlets in areas with severe ozone problems. The Act requires all fleet operators and state governments in those areas to promote the use of cleaner burning fuels. Congressman Gallo's bill reflects his concern that states like New Jersey will have a hard time meeting these requirements because of the inaccessibility of alternative fuels.
 "The challenge is to make clean-burning, domestic fuels as available as the traditional fuels sold at your corner gas station," said Congressman Gallo. "We can't expect people to comply with the law if the fuels are not nearly as accessible as gasoline."
 Propane is the leading alternative fuel in the United States and the world. Propane powered engines get 90 percent of the miles per gallon (MPG) achieved by gasoline engines (higher than engines fueled by ethanol, methanol and compressed natural gas). A given amount of propane will take a vehicle further than the same amount of any other alternative fuel -- almost twice as far as methanol and four times as far as compressed natural gas.
 Propane also extends engine life and decreases maintenance costs due to its low level of carbon and oil contamination. As a result, propane engines routinely last two or three times longer than gasoline engines.
 Importantly, propane is non-toxic and, if spilled, does not contaminate the soil or ground water supplies because it vaporizes rapidly. Propane is clean-burning because of its simple chemical structure, and therefore contributes far less to acid rain and global warming than other fuels.
 However, all recognized alternative fuels -- including ethanol, methanol and compressed natural gas -- provide environmental and efficiency benefits when compared to gasoline.
 Represented at the event were a range of propane-powered and -heated vehicles form emergency service and delivery fleets, including Ambicare emergency vehicles, Daily Record delivery trucks and Rainbow Caterers' vans. Also on hand were vehicles from Suburban Propane's fleet, which numbers over 3,000 vehicles running on propane.
 "We've operated twenty-five vans and ambulances on Suburban Propane fuel for over eight years," said Mike Gardner from Ambicare of Orange, N.J. "Not only have we saved money on fuel and maintenance, but we know that we are doing our part to help prevent pollution and make America less reliant on foreign gas."
 "Ours is a community business, and one of the reasons we switched some of our delivery vehicles to propane is the fact that propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels in existence, which means cleaner air in the community," commented Mona Rowe, circulation director for the Daily Record.
 Suburban Propane, headquartered in Whippany, N.J., is one of the nation's leading marketers of propane gas and has fueled its own fleets of vehicles with propane since the company's founding in 1928. Its 365 sales and service centers, nine of which are in N.J., carry a full line of propane gas appliances and serve a wide variety of commercial, industrial, residential and motor fuel customers.
 Suburban Propane's New Jersey locations include: Bound Brook, Bridgeton, Cliffwood, Howell, Hammonton, Mahwah, Robbinsville and Whippany.
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 /CONTACT: Ed Krenik of Congressman Gallo's office, 202-225-5034, or Regina Borgia for Suburban Propane, 212-484-7412/

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