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CONGRATULATIONS to Anton Du Beke, [...].

Byline: IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARYH e w r iHtees wabroituets taeblloyu...t wteelelyk..l.y... weekly

Congratulations to Anton Du Beke, will be filling Bruno Tonioli's chair on the Strictly Come Dancing panel for the next series.

More importantly, commiserations to Anton's fellow male pros, whose sleep will no doubt be disturbed by the following words for the next few weeks: "Oh no! That means one us will have to dance with this year's carthorse instead!"

Thing Most Likely To Make You Say... Why bother? We're not going anywhere. Just order another pizza and watch the footie instead."" Of The Week.

Spotting a show on Channel 5 called Lose A Stone In Four Weeks For Summer.

TV quiz...

SEE if you can work out who said this: "The worst thing about working with Jeremy is he doesn't listen."

A) Jeremy Clarkson's former producer/punchbag on Top Gear.

B) Jeremy Clarkson's personal fashion stylist.

C) Jeremy Clarkson's farm manager Kaleb Cooper on Clarkson's Farm.

Answer is C. But, by all means, take a point if you said A or B.

ITV2, tonight: Love Island - What Happened Next? Dunno.

But I think I'll go with: ITV put its fingers in its ears, did a "Not listening!" face, and then ruthlessly ploughed on regardless with the show because it desperately needed the advertising revenue.

Let me know when I'm getting warmer.


BURDEN Anton and Ann Widdecombe

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Author:IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARYH e w r iHtees wabroituets taeblloyu...t wteelelyk..l.y... weekly
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 25, 2021
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