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 Client/Server Application Helps Retailers
 Automate Merchandise Allocations
 CHICAGO, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Comshare Retail, a leading provider of merchandise planning and performance tracking systems for retail organizations, today enhanced its market-leading ARTHUR product family with the announcement of a platform independent client/server retail application, the ARTHUR Allocation System. The announcement was made at the RisCON 93 trade show here.
 Developed for medium-to-large organizations, the ARTHUR Allocation System delivers high-value decision-support capabilities to allocation teams within retail organizations. It enables users to easily and cost- effectively determine the most appropriate outlets for distributing merchandise for maximum sales and margin potential.
 The ARTHUR Allocation System is designed to be integrated with Comshare Retail's ARTHUR Merchandise Planning, ARTHUR Performance Tracking System and retail transaction processing systems. ARTHUR Allocation System is a platform independent product which can operate in multiple server environments. This allows for decreased data transfers by placing the ARTHUR Allocation System within the same operating environment as the transaction processing system or key data resources.
 By accessing existing information from several sources, the ARTHUR Allocation System reviews historical data from lines of business, products, distribution channels, sales and promotions and other dimensions critical to the user organization. It also allows users to perform "what-if" analysis and reporting of sales scenarios, providing a faster and more accurate alternative to manual allocation.
 "Retailers require a sophisticated allocation application that will help them react quickly to dynamic market changes," said Thomas Redd, Marketing Manager for Comshare Retail. "The ARTHUR Allocation System is a sophisticated, powerful application that fits into Comshare Retail's corporate mission of delivering retail solutions that provide users with total control of their business and helps manage their supply chain. The ARTHUR Allocation System understands the 'supply chain' of today's retailer and is therefore the next logical step for Comshare Retail and its customers."
 The ARTHUR Allocation System features a Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI) that enables allocation teams to easily navigate through icon-driven screens with the click of a mouse. The system includes many alternative techniques that allow users to allocate merchandise when available inventories are insufficient. These include prorating, allocating in priority sequence and equalization of shortfalls from target inventory. It also supports details such as "held back" merchandise from available merchandise, minima and maxima, pre-distributions or assortment plans, allocating several styles or products simultaneously and allocation of coordinated styles.
 The ARTHUR Allocation System also supports the following:
 -- the review and comparison of allocations resulting from allocating the same merchandise using different methods;
 -- manual user manipulations of allocations, constrained by the amount of merchandise available;
 -- complex product and location structures, allowing the review of "branching hierarchies." For example, allocations may be reviewed and manipulated according to store grade, demographics, store type, etc.
 The ARTHUR Allocation System will initially operate in a Windows- based LAN environment. Recommended system requirements include a configuration of a 486/33 Mhz. personal computer and above, 4 MB of RAM, VGA monitor and a mouse.
 The ARTHUR Allocation System will be available in the first part of 1994. Pricing is expected to begin at $50,000 for a 10-user license.
 Comshare Retail is the market leader in providing merchandise planning and performance monitoring and analysis systems to the retail industry. These systems, known as ARTHUR, are installed at more than 350 retail organizations worldwide. Comshare Retail also provides a wide range of retail-specific applications to assist management with financial consolidation and reporting, budgeting and exception analysis.
 Comshare, Incorporated (NASDAQ-NMS: CSRE) is a full-service international software developer specializing in business intelligence applications, such as financial reporting and consolidation, profit management, enterprise budgeting and management reporting, as well as EIS. Comshare's products support an array of operating environments including Microsoft's Windows; Apple Computer's Macintosh; IBM's OS/2, MVS and VM; Digital's VMS; Fujitsu's MSP; and UNIX systems from IBM, Digital, Hewlett-Packard, NCR, Sun Microsystems and others. Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., Comshare is recognized for creating the EIS market. The company has an installed base of more than 2,000 corporations worldwide.
 ARTHUR and Commander are trademarks of Comshare, Incorporated. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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 /CONTACT: Tom Redd of Comshare Retail, 302-479-5454; or Tim Hurley or David Copithorne of Copithorne & Bellows, 617-252-0606, for Comshare/

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