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 ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Comshare (NASDAQ: CSRE), the leading developer of business intelligence applications, today introduced Commander(TM) Profit, the first LAN-based financial software application developed for enterprise-wide profit performance analysis and reporting. Comshare Commander Profit is a powerful, Windows-based client-server application designed to help executives, line-of-business managers, product line managers and financial analysts assess and improve the profit performance of their organization's lines of business, products, distribution channels, sales regions and other dimensions critical to managing the enterprise.
 Commander Profit allows business unit managers to control costs by providing a detailed view of business operations, as well as the ability to investigate, analyze and forecast profitability and performance across several different dimensions. It contains all that is needed to produce a profit model from transaction data, including rule-based allocations and multidimensional consolidations necessary to produce profit views that match the newer matrix organization of the modern enterprise. Commander Profit is a fully functional application providing all that is required to implement a profit analysis and reporting system for up to 50 users.
 "Commander Profit draws on Comshare's recognized strengths in providing business intelligence applications that provide users with valuable insight about their operations," said Richard L. Crandall, president and chief executive officer of Comshare. "Twenty-four percent of our Comshare Commander EIS customers already are performing sophisticated product profitability analysis. By providing a customizable, packaged EIS based application, Commander Profit is delivering on-demand information access and analysis with a small investment of time required to implement and maintain the application."
 Commander Profit is for any manager or analyst responsible for managing or monitoring profit centers, P&L for a product line or business unit, or profitability for an overall enterprise. It is for a broad range of financial executives, line management, product management and operations personnel, including: executives who want to "browse" through current reports on the performance of multiple profit centers or product lines; financial analysts responsible for developing multiple views of profit performance to answer ad-hoc queries by senior management or other line managers; operations personnel who need to track performance against management's goals; and business unit managers who need to perform accurate "what-if" analysis of P&L scenarios accommodating more data than typical spreadsheets or business accounting software can handle.
 There are three main functional components in Comshare Commander Profit:
 Profit Model -- Creates a multidimensional model of a business by products or product lines, sales regions, distribution channels, strategic business units, and other critical dimensions. By modeling the relationships between the measurable elements of the business, such as sales, headcount and expenses, the Profit Model serves as a collection point for performance measurements and as a testbed for management analysis, plans and decisions that will affect
profits. It enables managers to formulate goals and paths to their goals, then to adjust in response to the ongoing analysis of performance measurements.
 Information Integrator -- Collects all of the raw data from both internal and external sources, and transforms it as necessary to align it to the needs of the Profit Model. The Information Integrator simplifies the implementation and maintenance of the application. It provides direct access to general ledgers, sales databases, and other transactional and operational systems, no matter where in the organization they may be located.
 Performance Scoreboard -- Gives managers and affected personnel all they need to know to understand how the business is performing according to the goals set in the Profit Model. It enables managers to compare actual performance to expected or budgeted performance, to locate sources of problems and opportunities, and to fuel the next cycle of planning. It enables them to look at any "slice" of performance data, it enables them to "rotate" the business model through quick recalculations that present new views of the data, it provides fast and easy query capabilities to elicit answers to specific questions, and it enables managers to "browse" through performance data in search of trends or exceptions. In this way, the Performance Scoreboard enables managers to control the implementation of plans, manage their execution, and continuously monitor/measure the results.
 Comshare Commander Profit delivers these capabilities in a packaged application that is integrated with Comshare's newest release of Commander EIS LAN, the client-server version of the company's market leading EIS. Commander Profit comes with a built-in step-by-step process for modifying the profit model rules and dimensions to users' organizations; transforming relational data structures into multidimensional models; populating the model with data; and automatically updating the model from transaction systems.
 Commander Profit joins Comshare's Commander Series of business intelligence applications used for information delivery, analysis and management. Applications include executive information systems; financial data consolidation for public and management reporting; enterprise budgeting; and sales analysis and planning.
 "As large corporations 'flatten out' by eliminating ranks of middle managers, more P&L decision-making responsibility is falling on the shoulders of business unit managers. At the same time, competition is increasing and product life cycles are shortening, so these managers need more and better information faster than ever before," Crandall said. "Profit management software products before Commander Profit were too limited in power and flexibility to provide managers with the kind of responsiveness and fast decision-making capability they need. Commander Profit not only gives managers powerful multidimensional models for their business units, but also an easy-to-use means of asking questions, viewing trends, and comparing results against internal plans and external competitors' performance."
 Pricing and Availability
 Comshare Commander Profit is available immediately and priced at $95,000 for up to 50 users, and $500 for each additional user.
 Comshare is a full-service international software developer specializing in business intelligence applications, such as financial reporting and consolidation, profit management, enterprise budgeting and management reporting, as well as EIS. Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Comshare is recognized for creating the EIS market. The company has an installed base of more than 2,000 corporations worldwide.
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