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 Version 2.0 Provides Windows Solution
 for Client/Server Financial Consolidation & Management
 Reporting Applications
 ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Comshare (NASDAQ: CSRE), the leading developer of business intelligence applications, today at its North American Users Conference in Dallas introduced Commander FDC (Financial Data Control) 2.0, a personal computer networked financial application for statutory consolidation and management reporting.
 Built around an open, high capacity, multi-user database server, version 2.0 adds a Microsoft Windows exploitive user interface to the application so now both Windows and DOS users can share access to Commander FDC's application functionality and data. The application's Windows and DOS client software can coexist on the same LAN and share access to the same physical database, meeting the needs of enterprises migrating their corporate financial control applications to client/server information systems. Commander FDC 2.0 also includes a direct interface to Microsoft Excel and a built-in multidimensional spreadsheet for improved integration of data analysis functionality that extends the usefulness of corporate financial information in the application database.
 Commander FDC 2.0 builds on the broad acceptance of Commander FDC 1.3, a DOS-based version used by over 300 corporations worldwide. Used by financial reporting managers or analysts, Commander FDC has the accounting understanding required to support the financial consolidation and reporting requirements of a multinational or multidivisional corporation. It handles the entire financial reporting process, including data capture from general ledgers and other sources, foreign currency translations, journal entries and intercompany eliminations, and production of consolidated financial statements and management reports.
 "Unlike other competitive financial applications, Commander FDC 2.0 supports the rapidly growing population of Windows users, while offering customers investment protection through 100 percent compatibility with previous DOS-based versions," said Tom Ryan, senior director of Commander FDC development. "Separate versions of DOS-based and Windows- based software products often include gaps in functionality between the platforms causing conversion issues that an enterprise must resolve during Windows migration. Recent advancements in technology allowed Comshare to rearchitect Commander FDC in version 2.0 to support both the Windows and DOS platforms simultaneously with no traditional technology compromises. All users work from the same Btrieve database, regardless of whether they're running Windows (through Windows exploitive DLLs) or DOS (through DOS compliant EXEs). Our customers see tremendous advantages in this approach because FDC users who work on the DOS platform today can move to Windows at their own pace."
 According to market research firm International Data Corp., the worldwide installed based of DOS-based PCs will reach 89 million in 1993, compared with 25 million Windows-based PCs.
 "We are now installing Commander FDC 2.0 at our corporate headquarters, and will eventually roll it out to more than 80 operating units," said Ray McKay, manager of financial reporting, Dover Corporation. "With a large user population of both DOS and Windows systems, we required a financial consolidation and reporting system capable of supporting our distributed applications simultaneously across both platforms."
 Other Commander FDC 2.0 Enhancements
 WINDOWS-EXPLOITIVE FUNCTIONALITY -- Commander FDC 2.0 takes full advantage of Windows graphical user interface standards to accelerate and simplify set up, data entry and reporting. It includes a new visual drag-and-drop organizational chart for creating and maintaining an organization's consolidation structures. With the graphical organizational chart, reorganizations and restatements are as easy as dragging around boxes on the screen. Commander FDC automatically adjusts reports to reflect changing account structures, organizational structures, currency rates and report formats.
 Windows multitasking is exploited to allow consolidations to run in the "background," allowing users to run other Windows applications, such as electronic mail, while financial consolidations are processing.
 INTEGRATED DATA ANALYSIS -- Commander FDC includes a new direct, bi-directional interface with Microsoft Excel that complements its previous ability to trade information with Lotus spreadsheets. Like the Lotus interface, the new Excel interface provides a window directly into the FDC application database, allowing reporting and data entry from within the

familiar spreadsheet environment.
 Commander FDC 2.0 also includes a built-in version of Comshare's new multidimensional spreadsheet, Commander Prism for Windows, which is used for computing multidimensional allocations and performing "slice and dice" reporting and analysis of financial data extracted from Commander FDC's relational database. Commander Prism is used when data must be analyzed by more than two dimensions -- for example, when users must simultaneously evaluate trends in actuals for multiple time periods, organizational units and product lines. This supports the growing need for multidimensional business segment reporting and analysis.
 A Leader in Financial Applications
 Since introducing Commander FDC in 1990, Comshare has quickly garnered significant market share in the client/server financial consolidation and reporting arena. According to Datamation, industry analysts expect the financial consolidation/reporting applications market to grow by more than 30 percent annually. Commander FDC's growth is outstripping the market as a whole, with nearly 60 percent sales growth reported for Comshare's most recent fiscal year, ended June 30, 1993.
 System Requirements, Availability & Pricing
 For Windows, Commander FDC requires a minimum configuration of a 386SX processor, Windows 3.1 or above, 4 MB RAM, 25 MB hard disk space, a mouse and an EGA or better monitor. For DOS, Commander FDC requires a minimum configuration of a 286 processor, DOS 3.3 or above, 640 KB of RAM, 14 MB of hard disk space, and a CGA or better monitor.
 Commander FDC 2.0 supports almost any LAN with file redirector capabilities, including Novell, OS/2 LAN Manager, Banyan Vines and DEC Pathworks. Commander FDC 2.0 is available immediately. A site license is priced at $120,000.
 Comshare is a full-service, international software company that develops, markets and supports business intelligence applications, such as financial reporting and consolidation, line-of-business profit reporting, enterprise budgeting and management reporting, as well as executive information systems (EIS). Comshare is recognized for creating the EIS market, of which it holds a 50 percent share worldwide according to International Data Corp., a market research firm. Founded in 1966 with headquarters in Ann Arbor, the company has an installed customer base of more than 2,000 organizations worldwide and is one of the top 50 independent software vendors according to annual rankings by several computer magazines. Commander is a trademark and Comshare is a registered trademark of Comshare, Incorporated. Other brand and product names are the property of their respective owners.
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