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 SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Minneapolis-based Computer Network Technology Corporation (NASDAQ-NMS: CMNT) (CNT), a leader in channel networking solutions, today announced new capabilities for connecting mainframe data centers to LAN internetworks. The new channel gateway is an extension of CNT's CHANNELink(TM) channel networking systems that improves the performance and flexibility of internetworked host and LAN environments.
 The announcement, made in conjunction with the INTEROP 93 trade show being held in San Francisco, includes:
 -- new support for the high-performance 3172 channel protocol.
 -- integration of TCP/IP LAN traffic over the same network and over the same channel interfaces as mainframe and peripheral networking.
 -- a new physical interface to Token Ring LANs.
 -- TCP/IP offload processing.
 Mac Lewis, CNT president and chief executive officer, said, "CNT customers are looking for efficient and flexible ways to connect their LAN internetworks to their data center environment for such applications as LAN back-up to mainframes or advancing the mainframe's emerging role in client/server environments."
 As client/server applications move from pilot projects to full production, the underlying network bandwidth can become stressed. A "channel gateway" provides a high-performance highway for moving data between host computers and workstations or servers located on workgroup LANs. The TCP/IP protocol provides an industry-standard format for exchanging and transmitting the data. IBM recently enhanced the role of the mainframe as a server by extending the functions and performance of their TCP/IP offerings as part of the support for their 3172 LAN gateway product.
 Jim Morin, CNT director of systems marketing, said that CNT's channel gateway enhancements take advantage of IBM's 3172 channel driver for TCP/IP to greatly improve data transfer performance between LANs and mainframes. "Our customers can now more efficiently transfer data between mainframe legacy systems and high performance workstations using the industry standard TCP/IP networking protocol and the industry standard FTP file transfer applications. This development reinforces CNT's strategy to deliver systems solutions that enable our customers to expand from their core computing centers to enterprise-wide internetworking."
 Morin said that CNT's CHANNELink network processors provide a platform architecture that is more flexible and scaleable than competitive alternatives. "CHANNELink supports interfaces to IBM- compatible mainframes, high-end servers, workstations and supercomputers with IBM, HiPPI and Cray channel interfaces. Customers can upgrade existing CHANNELink systems with the gateway function, or build new configurations using systems that support multiple channels, Ethernet and FDDI LANs, and WAN connections, including T1, T3 and switched services such as Frame Relay, SMDS or ATM. In addition, CHANNELink supports network management systems in both host and workstation environments including IBM's NetView(TM) and the industry-standard SNMP."
 CNT has been shipping TCP/IP channel gateways over IBM, HiPPI and Cray channels. Support for the new 3172 TCP/IP channel driver is currently available on CHANNELink platforms with Ethernet and FDDI LAN interfaces, in both local and remote gateway configurations. The new driver capability is included in the price of the LAN gateway system which starts at $38,000 for a system with IBM channel and Ethernet interfaces. In subsequent phases, CNT will implement full TCP/IP offload processing and a direct Token Ring LAN interface for both TCP/IP and SNA protocols. The TCP/IP offload and Token Ring products are targeted to be available early next year.
 Computer Network Technology Corporation, a leader in the channel networking industry, develops and markets CHANNELink channel networking systems as well as UltraNet(TM) high-performance hubs. These systems serve the data networking needs of many of the world's largest corporations by connecting high-performance computers, peripherals and LAN-based networks in enterprise-wide backbone networks. CNT's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol CMNT.
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 /NOTE: CHANNELink and UltraNet are trademarks of Computer Network Technology Corporation. All other trademark referenced herein are the properties of their respective manufacturers./
 /CONTACT: Doug Anderson of Computer Network Technology, 612-550-8000/

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