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 COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to become part of the electronic superhighway, members of the CompuServe Information Service worldwide used their personal computers this summer to post questions electronically to President Clinton in the White House Forum (GO WHITEHOUSE) on CompuServe.
 The White House Forum gives CompuServe members the opportunity to discuss the Clinton administration's policies and activities. The forum's message board spans a broad range of topics, including international and United Nations activities, defense, health care, the economy and the deficit, housing and urban development, the environment, education and national service.
 Messages to the President in the "Question to Clinton" section were collected daily, and 30 representative questions were forwarded to the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence. That office selected 10 of the questions for an online response. In addition to an electronic posting in the forum, a hard copy of each response was mailed to the CompuServe member whose message was answered by the White House.
 Richard Schramm, a CompuServe member for one year, sent an electronic message to the President asking if the Administration's commitment to a national telecommunications superhighway might be impeded because of economic concerns.
 "The White House replied that its commitment to world leadership in technology doesn't conflict with the nation's economic concerns," Schramm explained. "Rather, I was assured that it lies at the heart of America's long-term economic well-being."
 Other philosophically-diverse organizations such as the League of Women Voters, Empower America and Common Cause are also represented on CompuServe within the Political Debate Forum (GO POLITICS). In addition, CompuServe provides access to other politically-related services such as the Democratic Forum (GO DEMOCRATS), the Issues Forum (GO ISSUES) and CONGRESSgrams (GO MAIL). CONGRESSgrams allow CompuServe members to send postal letters to members of Congress, the Vice President and President.
 CompuServe members pay a flat fee of $8.95 per month for unlimited connect-time use of 47 basic services including news, weather and sports information, travel reservation capabilities, an online encyclopedia and dictionary, electronic mail and a home shopping service. Access to CompuServe's other 1,700 services, including the White House Forum, costs $8 per hour when members use a 1200 or 2400 bits per second modem and $16 per hour when accessing at 9.6 or 14.4 kilobits per second. For more information, call CompuServe at 800-848-8199.
 Established in 1979, the CompuServe Information Service provides its worldwide membership of more than 1.4 million with 1,700 databases and services to meet the needs of both business and personal interests. CompuServe can be accessed by any modem-equipped personal computer utilizing the CompuServe Information Manager graphical interface or any general communications software.
 In addition to the CompuServe Information Service, CompuServe Incorporated provides frame relay, wide and local area networking services, business information services and software to major corporations and government agencies worldwide.
 CompuServe is an H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) company.
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Date:Oct 11, 1993

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