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 SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- CompuServe Incorporated today announced the addition of Lotus cc:Mail access to the CompuServe Mail Hub. The enhancement provides a simple, reliable and economical way for users of Lotus Development Corp's cc:Mail electronic mail system to reach millions of other email users worldwide.
 Announced at the EMail World Conference and Exhibition here, the service will be available in mid-December. Beta testing started Nov. 1 after a successful alpha test period during September and October. Companies involved in the test have already begun to conduct their day- to-day business by connecting to the Hub with cc:Mail.
 The CompuServe Mail Hub exchanges messages among users of a wide variety of email systems and services. Through the Hub, cc:Mail customers can streamline communication between multiple sites within their organizations. In addition, they automatically gain the ability to exchange messages with other key audiences, such as customers and suppliers who use a variety of other email systems.
 cc:Mail administrators register their post offices on the CompuServe Mail Hub by answering a simple set of questions in the online signup area. Then they configure their familiar cc:Mail Router program to dial the Hub periodically. In each session, the messages to and from all users at the site are transferred, allowing the entire site to be served by a single CompuServe account.
 Individual users of cc:Mail Remote can also register on the CompuServe Mail Hub, a particularly attractive option for mobile users like sales representatives, service engineers, executives and other travelers as well as anyone without a local area network. The CompuServe Mail Hub provides them with a mailbox which is accessible worldwide via, in most cases, a local phone call.
 Regardless which cc:Mail product is used for access, the CompuServe Mail Hub provides protocol conversion and extensive reach. Messages can be exchanged with users at over 3500 sites already registered to access the Hub using Novell NetWare MHS or X.400. The more than 1.4 million members of the CompuServe Information Service are accessible, as are millions more on other public mail systems such as the Internet, MCI Mail, AT&T Easylink, SprintMail, Infonet, Advantis and Germany's Deutsche Bundespost.
 "Users of cc:Mail depend on email for their communications, and they want easy access to people in other companies," said Larry Crume, vice president of the Electronic Messaging and Mobile Computing Division at Lotus. "CompuServe's addition of cc:Mail support to its professionally managed hub service provides a very viable option to meet these needs for both our mobile and our LAN customers who want to communicate with people external to their company."
 One of the world's most popular email programs, cc:Mail is used by more than 3.5 million customers and is supported on a wide variety of platforms, including DOS, Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and OS/2.
 "With our leadership in LAN email connectivity, cc:Mail users often request an easier way to connect to the CompuServe Mail Hub," said Dave Bezaire, CompuServe senior product manager. "We feel that native cc:Mail support is important to our goal of making affordable email services widely accessible to stand-alone, mobile and LAN-based users everywhere."
 The CompuServe Mail Hub is available for $13 per hour when accessing at 1,200 or 2,400 bits per second and $21 per hour at 9.6 or 14.4 kilobits per second. For additional information, call 800-457-MAIL and ask for representative 541.
 CompuServe Incorporated provides communications and information services to personal computer users worldwide through the CompuServe Information Service. CompuServe also provides frame relay, wide and local area networking services, electronic mail, business information services and software to major corporations and government agencies worldwide.
 CompuServe is an H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) company.
 -0- 11/3/93
 /CONTACT: David J. Kishler of CompuServe Incorporated, 614-538-4571 or CompuServe Mail 70003,2154, or Mark McHarry of Lotus Development Corp., 415-335-6786/

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