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 CARLSBAD, Calif., Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Compton's NewMedia is working with IBM to provide a new generation of speech-enabled multimedia applications. Compton's NewMedia intends to enter into a strategic relationship with International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) to integrate IBM's speech recognition technologies into "Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia(TM)," "The Sporting News(R) Pro Football Guide" and other titles to be announced. Technology demonstrations of the titles, including Consumer Electronics' debut of the first speech-enabled encyclopedia, will be on display at Compton's CES meeting room, North Hall 2, no. D10050.
 "Compton's NewMedia has always strived to be at the cutting edge while ensuring that our lead product is the easiest to use with the most advanced technology," said Norman J. Bastin, executive vice president and general manager of Compton's NewMedia. "We looked at many speech recognition technologies and chose IBM speech recognition as the standard because of its robust nature and ability to recognize conventional speech patterns. Compton's commitment to create the most natural interface, together with IBM's speech recognition technology, will further popularize the encyclopedia and other Compton's information and entertainment titles in the mainstream market.
 "Speech recognition will provide Compton's with a strategic advantage for its advantage for its encyclopedia today and for products in the future. Speech is the most natural way to interact in the real world. The integration of speech into Compton's products will facilitate and enhance the learning and research process for people of all ages and education levels."
 IBM's award-winning continuous speech recognition differs from previous speech recognition technologies because it allows the users of any age to speak in a normal, continuous stream rather than in stacastics (words separated by distinct breaks) required by some other technologies. Users may, for instance, navigate "Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia" by voice, calling up different screens and requesting information. In "The Sporting News Pro Football Guide" users may say, "Show me player statistics," and, when the appropriate screen is displayed, the user may say, "Display year statistics," and select the athletic records of his or her choice by voicing the player's name.
 Commands and Dictation
 Compton's plans to integrate IBM's speech recognition technologies goes further. In addition to commanding and querying reference works such as The Sporting News or "Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia" by voice, users may, in time, dictate notes about their research into a scratch pad area of the encyclopedia for reports or other post-research applications.
 According to Elton Sherwin, IBM Speech Recognition manager of market development and strategy, "We're excited with the potential to team up with Compton's to provide speech recognition technologies and capitalize on Compton's ability to deliver multimedia products to the mass market. Compton's development team has streamlined the visual interface and has made navigation of their applications easy for CD-ROM and future on-line applications."
 IBM's continuous speech recognition technology allows 1,000 active words to be recognized at any time from a base of over 20,000 words. As a user navigates an application, new active words are instantaneously loaded as needed. The technology can be used with any standard audio board, requires no DSP and requires no training. IBM's dictation technology allows for over 32,000 active words from a base of 100,000 words, with a throughput of over 70 words per minute, utilizing sophisticated trigram statistical models that differentiate between like- sounding words such as one and won; two, too and to; write and right; and our and hour.
 Today, Compton's is a leading producer of interactive information, infotainment, edutainment and entertainment software on CD-ROM and floppy media. Compton's own titles and those of its affiliates can be found at more than 7,500 retailers throughout the country. Compton's has 22 affiliates bringing the total of titles distributed by Compton's NewMedia to over 150.
 Compton's has launched an aggressive marketing program for the mass consumer market, offering such compelling CD-ROM titles as "Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia(TM)" for the PC and Macintosh, "The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous(TM) Cookbook," and "Jazz: A Multimedia History," and The Sporting News(R) series.
 Compton's MultiMedia Group is part of Tribune Publishing Co. (NYSE: TRB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tribune, a leading information and entertainment company. Tribune publishes six daily newspapers, operates seven television and six radio stations, produces and syndicates information and programming, publishes books and information in print and digital formats, and has an ownership interest in one of Canada's largest newsprint manufacturers.
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