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 GREAT NECK, N.Y., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- CompLink Ltd. (NASDAQ: CLNK) announced, through its Technology Development Systems, Inc. (TDS) subsidiary, availability of NetSwitch FT, a fault tolerant version of its world class electronic mail integration and transaction processing system. NetSwitch, a sophisticated message handling system based on the X400 standard, is used in electronic mail integration and transaction processing applications. NetSwitch and NetSwitch FT provide backbone, access unit and gateway facilities for every major mail system, service provider, and physical delivery device including Telex and FAX. In transaction processing environments, NetSwitch is used in sales force and work force automation applications to route transactions between remote laptops, desktops, and PDAs and the home office LAN, mainframe, and mini computer based applications. Fault tolerance makes NetSwitch FT ideal for critical applications.
 According to Tony DeFrances, President of Technology Development Systems, "Transaction processing and electronic mail are mission critical applications. Our new NetSwitch FT product provides fault tolerance in a PC/LAN-based environment at a fraction of the cost of midrange or mainframe based solutions."
 The NetSwitch products' modular structure, scalability, and LAN/WAN compatibility makes it cost effective as a single system gateway, a worldwide corporate message switch, and a backbone resource on which to implement and interconnect both industry and enterprise based electronic data exchange format standards. The product family exploits multiple WAN technologies (e.g. wireless and wire-line network services, private data networks, and direct dial networks) for interconnecting users and host systems/applications. Additionally, multiple NetSwitch sites can be networked together providing least cost routing and message switching to take advantage of various communication resources available throughout an enterprise. This allows customers worldwide to use NetSwitch as a corporatewide resource linking business offices, sales and distribution channels, and manufacturing facilities on an intra- company as well as inter-company basis.
 The products will be jointly marketed by CompLink Ltd. and its TDS subsidiary whose development facilities, located in suburban Chicago, are gaining recognition for leadership in message switching systems and related technologies. TDS and CompLink specialize in development of systems that optimize the power of leading edge PC technologies for networking, communications, and business automation applications. Other product offerings include LapControl, an electronic software distribution system used to geographically distribute software to laptops, desktops, and pen-based systems; Sales+, a suite of Sales Force Automation Applications for Order Entry, Client Management, and Sales Analysis; and WorldLink, a comprehensive messaging environment for E-Mail and FAX enabling the desktop.
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 /CONTACT: Rick Gomes, VP-marketing of CompLink, 516-829-1883/

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Date:Jan 12, 1994

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