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IndexTools has launched IndexTools 8.5, the latest version of its popular web analytics service. IndexTools 8.5 includes several exciting new features, including Executive Dashboards, that offer marketers and business decision makers unprecedented insight into their website performance.

The IndexTools 8.5 product launch follows closely on the groundbreaking release of IndexTools 8.0, in May 2005, which features the fastest Web Analytics database on the market without comparison; surpassing recognized analytics providers Omniture, Websidestory, and Core Metrics. IndexTools 8.0 release introduced a host of new features designed expressly for the enterprise market, including Custom Reporting and Merchandise Reporting. IndexTools rewrote the database for IndexTools 8.0, in order to serve high-volume websites that generate into the billions of page views per month. Setting 8.0 apart from industry vendors that employ data-warehouse technologies, IndexTools 8.0 also implemented instantaneous Real-Time Segmentation, eliminating re-analysis before data deployment, to the end user.

The IndexTools 8.5 enhancements include:

-- Executive Dashboards -- Provide a quick comprehensible snapshot of key performance metrics, enabling business decision makers to set goals, track progress and identify danger points.

-- Advanced Path Analysis -- Analyze the most popular paths web visitors pursue through the website, mapped out in a hierarchical tree structure through as many levels of navigation as needed.

-- Cross-sell Reporting -- Increase businesses revenues by Identifying customer purchasing patterns; revealing how often products are purchased in combination with other products, ranked according to value.

-- Consolidated PPC Reporting -- An additional level of reporting accuracy, IndexTools consolidates live data collected by the reporting system with data provided by the paid search engines (currently Google and Yahoo!). The enhanced system also flags obvious set-up errors informing clients of potential problems.

-- AskIT -- The IndexTools Tutor -- Provide a plain-language executive summary of the data on screen helping clients to interpret their web analytics reports. Mouse over a row in the report and AskIT Tutor appears.

The IndexTools 8.0 enhancements include:

-- Real-time Segmentation -- Reveal how different groups of visitors respond to campaign landing pages, calls to action, and more in order to identify their most lucrative visitors and optimize their offer.

-- Custom Reporting -- Specifically tailor each IndexTools report. The Custom Report Wizard makes it easy to add or subtract metrics within a given report.

-- Merchandise Reporting -- Track individual products web customer's purchase; including the number of units sold, revenue per product, track which products visitors preview; for example, on a product page, the number of products added to their shopping cart, and more for further product performance analysis.

About IndexTools

IndexTools provides businesses with accurate, insightful and timely intelligence about their effectiveness of their Web efforts, thereby helping them to increase sales, reduce marketing costs and provide a higher level of service to their customers and partners. IndexTools specializes in delivering on-demand web analytics solutions to the enterprise and SME market. IndexTools serves its worldwide client base, through a network of over 200 local partners in over 25 countries around the globe. IndexTools operates from New York City, US and have an extensive Technology Development Center in Budapest, Hungary EU. IndexTools' competitors include Webtrends, WebSideStory, Omniture and Coremetrics.

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