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 NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y., July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Dramatic changes in the workplace caused by both the family leave law and the wait-and-see U.S. economy have more companies exploring the use of highly skilled temporary staffers and innovative programs designed specifically to handle new workforce demands, according to Rosemary Maniscalco, chief operating officer of Uniforce Services (NASDAQ: UNFR), the publicly held, nationally franchised temporary personnel company.
 For example, Uniforce has prepared for the family leave law by forming a division to handle the needs of businesses exploring their options in connection with the Family Leave and Medical Act, which goes into effect in August and in part requires companies with at least 50 employees to offer 12 weeks of unpaid leave with continued paid benefits coverage each year to employees to care for an ill family member, a newborn or an adopted child. "We are hearing from companies who would like to take advantage of our 'free family anticipation service,'" Maniscalco says. "They want to be prepared if one of their employees has to take time off and they obviously find comfort in knowing that well-trained, highly skilled temporaries are available until their full- time employees return."
 "Smart Hiring"
 In addition to companies preparing for the impact of family leave, Maniscalco says the still-seesawing economy has more companies taking a cautious approach in hiring. She says more are exploring try-before- you-buy "Smart Hiring," where they can evaluate prospective full-time employees' abilities on a temporary basis. "This ensures the company gets the employee best suited to its needs and temporary staffers have the opportunity to secure a permanent job," Maniscalco says. "It's a win-win situation for both employers and employees."
 The Uniforce Smart Hire Program offers pre-screened temporary personnel on a 90-day trial basis at no risk to companies looking to add to their regular staffs.
 Once an applicant is chosen by the company, the person is put on the Uniforce payroll, not the company's, further reducing the prospective employer's liability. If the company decides to hire the candidate full-time before the trial ends, it pays a conversion and nominal processing fee. If the company is not satisfied after the 90-day trial period, Uniforce guarantees a replacement for a short time at no charge to the company.
 Help for Independent Contractors, Retirees
 Companies that hire independent contractors/1099 wage earners, and as a result of corporate downsizing also need to bring back retirees on a part-time basis, are discovering innovative programs designed to benefit them. The Uniforce affiliate Payroll Options Unlimited, Inc., works confidentially with companies to comply with the IRS' increased enforcement of rules on independent contractor (1099 form) relationships. Payroll Options often becomes a confidential third-party employer of record, paying payroll taxes, workers comp, unemployment insurance and all other mandatory costs to comply with IRS rules. The affiliate also provides payrolling services for companies utilizing the skills of retirees.
 Uniforce Services offers highly skilled temporary and temporary-to- full time personnel in a wide variety of areas and is headquartered in New Hyde Park, N.Y. with a Southeastern Regional office in Boca Raton, Fla. For more information call 516-437-3300.
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 /CONTACT: Kevin Courtney of Azen Bitner Pierson, 305-522-0022, for Uniforce Services/

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