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As more enterprises opt for wireless solutions for their growing networks, they are also finding that control of wireless devices is something akin to getting their arms around an elephant. In a survey conducted by wireless device management company Reason Inc. (, more than half the companies polled admitted that controlling employees' wireless devices is a problem. More than 60%, however, expect to increase their budgets for wireless services.... Analysts at Gartner ( concur, saying there will be nearly 800 million wireless data users in three years and that the variety of those wireless solutions will put a strain on companies as they try to support various technologies.


Enterprise networks will soon undergo a dramatic transformation, courtesy of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, says analyst firm ARS Inc. ( The firm predicts that 10 GigE connections will allow enterprises to extend ethernet capabilities to the metro area network and wide area network "as never before possible." Voice over Internet protocol and virtual private network (VPN) implementations, as a result, will occur at a quicker pace.... GiantLoop Network ( is rolling out its Enterprise Content Networking initiative, which will provide managed optical networking services.... Several storage service providers have chosen Yipes Communications ( to supply optical IP networks for connections to customers, including StorageWay (, Storage Access (, Progressive Technologies Group ( and StorageLink ( Teleglobe ( selected Broadwing's ( intelligent, all-optical switched network to provide nationwide, 10 gigabit wavelength services. Broadwing opened its first optical media center in Cincinnati, with others planned in Dallas, Santa Clara, CA, and New York City.


The need for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is increasing, according to research conducted by Business Communications Co. ( Worldwide shipments of UPS equipment reached $5.3 billion last year, powered primarily by the increase in data centers and use of the Internet. The market is expected to grow by nearly 13% annually, to $11 billion by 2005.... The top concerns of IT managers, according to research by NetBotz ( human error, security breaches, server failure, power outages, poor service from external service providers, natural disasters, staffing problems, inability to anticipate and address network downtime, and adverse effects of downtime on a company's overall operations.... Infonetics Research ( predicts that worldwide end-user VPN product and service expenditures will grow from $12.8 billion in 2001 to $48 billion in 2005. WorldCom (, already claiming about 15% of the VPN market, is using technology from Smartpipes ( to offer businesses secure Web-based control of their outsourced VPNs.


* BICSI Fall Conference, Aug. 20-23, New Orleans, addresses issues faced by cabling designers and installers, with sessions on new frontiers in LAN applications, evolving technologies, copper technology and measurement, zone cabling and bridging networks, and grounding, bonding, and electrical design considerations. Watts Wacker, futurist and think-tank creator, is keynoter. Visit more than 150 industry exhibits before and after educational sessions,

* Attendees of Networld+Interop Sept. 9-14, Atlanta, will gain new knowledge on crucial networking issues. From the Interop conference, tutorials and workshops to special-interest days that center on specific technologies, participants will get expert instruction to implement within existing infrastructure. David W. Dorman, president of AT&T, and Dan Warmenhoven, CEO of Network Appliance, are keynoters.

* The Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA) is focusing this year's trade show toward the mobile end-user, or m-users. PCIA GlobalXChange 2001: Where the Market Rules, Sept. 11-13, Los Angeles, will attract companies from around the world that play a role in the mobile revolution, including ASPs, carriers, content providers, ISPs, device and infrastructure manufacturers, and software companies and retailers-focusing on partnering to develop strategies and solutions that center on the ultimate needs of the m-user,

* From Sept. 11-13, San Jose, CA, CommVerge Conference and Exhibition's participants will learn about the latest convergence technologies and techniques, with seminars in the areas of Internet access devices, mobile voice and data, broadband, interfaces for convergence devices, managing convergence content and streaming media--and the services enabled by them.

* ASPWorld Conference & Expo, Sept. 25-27, San Jose, CA, features industry leaders and experts who will discuss the hottest issues in the ASP marketplace today and provide a foundation for evaluating the ASP business model and services. Attendees will get an in-depth understanding of the challenges and benefits associated with the outsourcing of applications and services, and evaluate ASP solutions in a hands-on environment. More than 30 sessions will focus on addressing each phase of the decision-making process. Exhibition showcases the entire array of companies providing outsourcing options to the end-user.
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