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* Global Knowledge offers two-day courses in convergent IP networks training: "Converging Voice & Data Networks" at Raleigh, NC, Oct. 24-25; Honolulu, HI, and Kansas City, MO, Oct. 31-Nov. 1; Chicago and New York, Nov. 7-8; Boston and San Jose, CA, Nov. 14-15; Seattle and Washington, Nov. 28-29--and "Introduction to Voice Over IP," Raleigh, NC, Oct. 26-27; Honolulu, HI, and Kansas City, MO, Nov. 2-3; Chicago and New York, Nov. 9-10; Boston and San Jose, CA, Nov. 16-17; Atlanta, Nov. 20-21; Seattle and Washington, Nov. 30-Dec. 1. Visit

* CDMA Americas Congress 2000: Changing the Face of Wireless sessions scheduled for Oct. 26-27 in San Diego, explore the latest developments in devices, applications and network evolution, service offerings and business strategies for CDMA. Senior executives and industry leaders will discuss how the increased focus on data and Internet services will affect the wireless marketplace. Workshops on 3G system design and deploying data and location-based services are scheduled for Oct. 25. Visit, or call 888-800-2362.

* Intertech Conferences hosts an international optical switching systems conference Nov. 15-17 in San Mateo, CA, with the theme "Bringing Optical Switching Systems to Market: The Business and Technical Outlook for All Photonic Switching/Routing Systems." Participants can assess optical-switching developments, and network with industry experts, developers and end users in an open forum format. Visit or call 207-781-9800.

* MILIA, the international convergence event in Cannes, France, kicks off with Think.Tank Summit Conferences Feb. 10-11, 2001, followed by a trade show Feb. 11-14. The Think.Tank Summit is a two-day cross-sector conference, addressing commercial and technological implications of all major industry developments. MILIA attracts more than 7,000 professionals from 52 countries, and hosts 800 exhibiting companies, providing new partnership opportunities with digital developers, publishers, distributors, retailers, investors and technology vendors. Online visit 1-gb.html for a brochure and exhibition pack.

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Yipes! Worcester, MA, is joining the optical IP bandwagon--and touting its new light-speed network as a key amenity in attracting new technology firms to New England's second-largest city. City leaders in this former textile center 45 miles outside Boston see huge economic development potential as Yipes Communications connects the area to its managed optical IP network. Yipes' bandwidth-on-demand service, say Worcester execs, will position their city ahead of less-endowed communities when trying to lure corporate expansion or relocation.... Also on the optical front: Global Metro Networks, Silver Spring, MD, is entering the last-mile light-speed fray The company has received $240 million for construction of fiber networks in 10 U.S. and eight European markets.


Even the industry research firms are having a difficult time getting their arms around the application service provider (ASP) beast. Dataquest, a unit of Gartner Group, calls the ASP market a "major computing revolution" that will grow from $1 billion in 1999 revenues to more than $2S billion by 2004. That is somewhat askew from International Data Corp. (IDC) predictions. IDC says spending on ASP services will grow to only $7.7 billion in four years. It also estimates ASP revenues at only $300 million in 2000. Perhaps the answer for the disparity lies in the "Quote of the month" below.


Lucas Group, a national high-tech recruitment firm based in Atlanta, says companies need to make their hiring decisions, quickly in order to secure the best job candidates. Most candidates are hired within six weeks of a position's availability.... China will be the next great market for cellular infrastructure, according to Forward Concepts, Tempe, AZ. Base station and switch investment in China will exceed that in North America by 2004, it says.... Cahners In-Stat Group predicts the regional Bell operating companies will be the subscriber winners in the DSL Sweepstakes, besting the competitive local exchange carriers.... Supercomm 2000 set an attendance record in June: 53,260, 24.4% over 1999, according to auditing figures.... Global consulting and accounting firm Ernst & Young has birthed an ASP. The company split off its technology group under the name of YET, just as the fledging received $50 million in financing from a group of investors.... Atlanta-based Equant now is offering an end-to-end, global service-level agreement. Among its guarantees: 100% network availability.... Sprint, Kansas City, MO, has joined the wireless Web for business space, offering customers access to corporate e-mail, sales automation tools and company intranets.


"The level of ASP discussion among the press, investor and vendor communities has reached fever pitch. But the buyers aren't buying it ... at least not to the degree this attention would imply. Repeated IDC studies of the buyer community show low awareness, let alone interest."--Clare Gillan, IDC analyst
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