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Among the latest industrial lighting products is a portfolio of components from Basler, developed in cooperation with CCS.

The lights are designed for Basler Ace U and L cameras equipped with the Basler SLP feature, which gives direct communication between the camera and the light source. This reduces the complexity of a vision system and enables a user to integrate lighting early on, thus shortening the time spent on design and installation.

Also new from Laser Components is the Albalux FM, a laser white light module with bright and directional fibre optic output. The module has been designed for medical endoscopy, surgical headlights, manufacturing processes and 3D machine vision.

A key component of Albalux FM is the LaserLight technology from SLD Laser. Based on GaN semi-polar blue laser diodes, LaserLight generates brilliant white light that is more than 10 times higher in luminance than today's LEDs, yet with minimal power consumption and long lifetime. To maximise light transmission, optical fibres are incorporated that gives 150 lumen CW output with sharp narrow edges.

Finally, new from Opto Engineering are the LTCLHP Core Plus telecentric illuminators, which are up to 40 per cent shorter than other telecentric lights on the market. Their working distance range has been optimised to make a measurement system as compact as possible.

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Publication:Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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