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Only one Midland cyclist a year charged with jumping red lights WHAT about fining all the cyclists who break the law by cycling on pavements and pedestrianised areas? It is really dangerous for us pensioners to have cyclists changing up behind you and weave in and out of other pedestrians on the pavement.

Tim Walton THAT'S fine but how about fining the people who insist on blocking cycling paths, breaking glass bottles and pedestrians who insist on walking on cycle paths.

The phrase you are looking for perhaps is respect for others? That's something we all need to adhere to whatever your mode of transport.

pabloscafe Birmingham City University plans more Eastside expansion ANOTHER architecturally undistinguished addition to Eastside. It is a shame that this whole new campus, which seems to have grown piecemeal, has not been subject to an international design competition and a proper masterplan. It seems to lack coherence and much in the way of quality architecture. It's not clear how any of these buildings really relate to each other. As usual, Birmingham seems happy to settle for second/third rate when it comes to architecture and design. At least they kept the old pub.

Getafix GREAT for the Eastside regeneration, but I can't help but think that if universities spent half as much of their inflated tuition fees on the actual teaching aspect, rather than on bricks and mortar then the country will be all the more better for it.

Barry Sausage Joe Holyoak: Renovation of historic city cemeteries IT IS pleasing to see that the council has recognised the importance of Key Hill and Warstone Lane cemeteries.

When I was resident in the Jewellery Quarter, several like minded people got together to form the Friends of Key Hill Cemetery and involve Andy Monro of the Regeneration Partnership to get things stabilised.

There was a danger to Key Hill of it sinking into the ground through years of neglect.

It is the resting place of many of the great and good of Birmingham and one of only two green spaces for the residents of the JQ (the other being Warstone Lane. Well done BCC - just get a move on!

micgou Cost of climbing West Midlands property ladder rises PS35,000 PERHAPS a rise in the base interest rate by the BoE, might just take the heat out of these ridiculous price hikes? Zola Lloyd

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Date:Aug 13, 2015
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