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COMMANDO CHALLENGE XI: EdeC Teams take both ends of a double-header.

ON MONDAY, JANUARY 28,2019, the Esprit de Corps Commandos and General Officers and Flag Officers took to the ice for the eleventh installment of the Commando Challenge. This time, besides off-ice support, three lucky Cadets got to take part in the action.

With the all-time series standing 6-4 in favour of the Commandos, it was certain the GOFOs would bring their "A" game in an effort to close that gap.

Three young Cadets (age 16-18) made it out on a snowy night: Cadet P01 Matt Brooks for the Commandos and Cadet Sgt. Elisabeth Pilon & Cadet CP02 Eric Seguin for the GOFO squad. An Air Cadet band and tri-Cadet colour party took part in the opening ceremonies during the pre-game warm-up. Local City Councillor Allan Hubley was welcomed at centre Ice by team captains General Jonathan Vance and Scott Taylor to drop the ceremonial puck.

LGen Al Meinzinger opened the scoring early in the first period on a breakaway goal. With much older and some much larger opponents flying around the rink, all three Cadets displayed impressive talent on the ice. Cadet Brooks who opened up the scoring for the Commandos, tied the game in the first period. A flurry of Commandos goals built a lead but the GOFOs picked up their socks and started to climb back on the scoreboard.

Late in the third, Cadet Sgt. Pilon ripped up the wing and potted a well-placed wrist shot bringing the score within one goal. However, at the buzzer the final score was 5-4 favouring of the Commandos.

After the game, CDS General Jonathan Vance skated over to the organizers and said the GOFOs really liked having the Cadets involved. Referees VAdm (R'etd) Denis Rouleau and Navy League National Executive Director Doug Thomas both agreed that the Cadet involvement helped keep the game friendly but still competitive. The three Cadets awarded as player of the game by Vance, did their Squadrons and fellow Cadets proud and became the unanimous "on ice" favorites.

At the post game reception Vance presented each Cadet with one of his coins, and they were also allowed to keep their game jersey (with name on it) as a souvenir. The CDS noted that the hockey games provide his crew an opportunity to get together as a cohesive group; something, he added, that doesn't happen too often during the work day. The game raised about $3,000 for the Cadet Leagues and cemented the relationship among the GOFOs, Esprit de Corps magazine and the Cadets.

Two days later the Esprit de Corps Commando-Lite faced off for the sixth time, against their arch-rivals, the Ottawa Service Attache Association Lame Ducks at the University of Ottawa. This event was part of the semi-annual double-header between the Commandos and GOFO's in support of the Cadet Leagues.

Commando-Lite opened up the scoring early and often but the Ducks showed a lot of promise coming from their own blue line as Igor Starkov carried the puck time and again into the offensive zone.

After Commando Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau received a vicious slash from Lame Duck Kurt Brown (Australia's own), the Ducks gave up a short-handed goal and were faced with a 6-2 deficit. However, in the 3rd period the Ducks netted another 2 goals finishing the game with a respectable 6-4 loss.

Afterwards, the players assembled in the arena pub for refreshments and short speeches announcing the player of the game awards. Lame Duck Rob Worsham bestowed the honour to rookie Commando Lite, Stephanie Madore and POG chosen by the Commandos was fan favorite Lame Duck Rowell (USA) for his triple salchows.

Caption: ABOVE: Ottawa councillor Alan Hubley (left) with the Air Cadet League band.

Caption: ABOVE RIGHT: Councillor Hubley prepares to drop the puck between GOFO captain, General John Vance and Commando Scott Taylor.

Caption: ABOVE RIGHT: A fun time was had by all when the Commando Lites played the Military Attache Lame Ducks on Wednesday 30 January. The final score was a 6:4 Commando Lite victory but the real winners were the Cade Leagues of Canada. The double header Charity Hockey games raised over $3000 for this worthy cause.

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