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Byline: Emma Jenkins

IT'S that time of the week to look at what lurks at the back of the fridge and what creation will be for supper this evening! Tomy pleasure,my ingredients this week were some cheese ends - Emmental, Dolcelatte, Brie, Welsh Cheddar and Red Leicester, all of varying sizes and age. I also found a nearly empty jar of onion chutney and to my surprise, the chives and parsley had survived the snow in the garden and actually look quite chirpy.

Macaroni five cheese with Mr Driscoll's thick cut smoked bacon and a chilled tomato salad with a fresh herb and sticky onion dressing Start with the tomato salad, it gives the flavours time to mingle.

I really like the contrast of the hot macaroni with the chilled salad Slice the beef tomato or quarter plum tomatoes, top or mix with some halved cherry tomatoes and arrange on a plate or toss in a bowl. Sprinkle with a little salt.

In the onion chutney jar, pour a small slug of balsamic vinegar, a teaspoon of soft brown sugar, a teaspoon of Dijonmustard and acouple ofgoodtwists of blackpepper.Put the lidbackonthejar and give it a good and vigorous shake.

Add olive oil in three or four goes, replacing the lid and giving it a good shake each time. Add in your freshly chopped herbs. Taste and dress the tomatoes. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge until you are ready to eat.

Put the water on to boil for themacaroni and make the sauce. Melt 3oz of butter in a pan and add a heaped tablespoon of flour, and stir into a roux.

Gradually add a pint of milk and stir or whisk to heat and cook out any lumps. Season with salt and pepper. Crumble or grate a third of your cheese into the sauce and a teaspoon of mustard, wholegrain or Dijon, whichever you prefer. Taste the sauce.

Cook the macaroni (about 50g to 75g per person) in boiling salted water. Drain well and refresh with a little olive oil and black pepper.

Pour the cheese sauce over themacaroni. I like a lot of sauce, as the macaroni sucks the sauce inside its tubes. For me, this dish definitely needs to run across the plate and marry the dressed tomatoes.

Now tip the macaroni cheese into a large, shallow ovenproof dish and crumble or grate the rest of the cheese for the top.Place under the grill and allow to bubble and go golden brown.

Cook Mr D's thick bacon in the oven or a pan until crisp. Serve and eat.

What will lurk in next week's fridge? Emma Jenkins is Director, and creative inspiration behind EJ Catering
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 10, 2010
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