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Byline: Barry Gordon

ON telly, Frank Skinner is a generally inoffensive comedian who likes to talk about football.

On stage, however, all he talks about is sex, performing sex, and playing the occasional song about Nazis in a George Formby style. The audience didn't exactly split their sides with laughter, nevertheless Skinner is entertaining with nice one-liners.

From the off he commented on how he meets more Scottish people in London than Edinburgh during the annual Festival.

He said: "It's true, but I don't often have spare change on me."

He warned Glasgow about the worrying Eastern European insurgence (the Aberdonians) during the recently won 2014 Commonwealth games, and accused a Celtic-supporting 13-year-old in the audience of almost sparking a sectarian riot. But it was all in good fun. Honest. At first, Skinner seemed perturbed someone so young was watching him in the front row ("have you seen my act?" he said to the kid's mother), still, he didn't hold back from unleashing the adult content of his material, like the stuff about oral sex.

A relatively young-looking 50-years-of-age, Skinner's personal anecdotes about his sex life wouldn't have made you cringe so much had he not chosen to re-enact most of it on the stage.

It could have been worse, though - it could have been Skinner's comedy partner David Baddiel performing instead. In between the smut, however, there was a quality story about the time Skinner gave a horse a Chinese burn.

He rounded off the 54th date of his stand-up tour - and first show in Scotland in 10 years - with a tune about Osama bin Laden on the banjolele.

Don't be surprised if it ends up going to No.1 in the pop charts.


GOOD FUN: Frank Skinner
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Nov 16, 2007
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