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Every link in the chain is the strongest link.

Quilt Designed by Jean Nolte

Made by Eileen Fowler

Skill Level Intermediate

Finished Size 15" x 42"

Finished Blocks 12 Blocks 4 1/2" x 6"

NOTE: See Pattern Pull-Out Section for piecing templates.


Pretty floral prints form a colorful chain that makes for a strong, striking centerpiece. Notice that Eileen placed the prints and colors randomly. Our instructions have you cut a single full set of Templates B-E from the blue print, though you may notice from the quilt photo that Eileen cut the blue patches more randomly. You will have sufficient yardage whether you cut a full set or a random selection.

The block patches are all cut from templates. To prepare templates, trace on template plastic, including seam lines, grain lines, and match points. Cut out directly on outer lines. Make small holes at match points using an awl or large needle. Place templates right side down on wrong sides of appropriate fabrics; mark around templates. Cut out fabric patches and transfer match points to wrong sides of each. Note that Ar is the reverse of A, Br is the reverse of B, etc. To cut reverse patches, place templates right side up on wrong side of fabric, mark and cut as previously described.

Fabric Requirements

* Cream texture

3/8 yd. for blocks

* Assorted prints

5/8 yd. total for blocks

* Blue print

1/2 yd. for blocks and binding

* Blue floral

1/2 yd. for border

* Backing

1 1/4 yds.

* Batting

19" x 46"

NOTE: Fabrics in the quilt shown are from the Juliet collection by Penny Rose for Riley Blake Fabrics.

Fons & Porter Chain Link Template Set is available to purchase at

Cutting Instructions

Patches are lettered in order of use. Cut largest patches first. Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances.

* Cream texture

12 each Template A and Ar

12 Template F

* Assorted prints-cut a total of:

11 each Template B, Br, C, Cr, D, Dr and E

* Blue print

4 strips 2 1/2" x width of fabric (binding)

1 each Template B, Br, C, Cr, D, Dr and E

* Blue floral

*2 strips 3 1/2"x 39"

*2 strips 3 1/2" x 18"

*Border strips include extra length for trimming.

Piecing the Blocks

1 Referring to Diagram I, sew 1 each patches A-F together as shown to make block. Make 12 total.

Assembling the Quilt Top

NOTE: Refer to Assembly Diagram for following steps, watching block placement and orientation.

2 Sew 2 rows of 6 blocks each. Stitch rows together as shown.

3 Refer to Borders in Quilt Basics to measure and trim blue floral 39" border strips. Matching centers and ends, sew border strips to quilt. Repeat to add blue floral 18" border strips.

Quilting and Finishing

4 Layer, baste and quilt. Eileen machine quilted echo quilting around the chain links, a floral motif in the block corners and arches in the border. Bind with blue print.

If you've tried cutting curved templates with a standard-size rotary cutter, you know it can damage your blade and result in sloppy, inaccurate patches. Whether you want to use acrylic templates or clear template plastic options, the answer is using a smaller rotary cutter and following a few simple steps to ensure safety and accuracy.

1 If you are using acrylic templates, like those available from Fons & Porter, the process could not be simpler! Place the template right side up on the face of the fabric.

2 Holding the template in place, use the OLFA 18mm rotary cutter to cut around the template, using the acrylic edge as a guide. Be careful not to let the template shift during cutting.

3 If you prefer, trace the provided template onto template plastic, including seam lines and grain line.

4 Place the template face down on the wrong side of the fabric; mark around the template. Do not cut around the template, as there is a risk of cutting into and distorting the template itself.

5 Using the OLFA 18mm rotary cutter, carefully cut on the marked line.

6 To cut reverse templates, place the template right side up in the wrong side of the fabric and repeat process.
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