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... REVENGE is a dish best served at sub-zero temperatures in Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland's English-language remake of his 2014 black comedy In Order Of Disappearance.

Screenwriter Frank Baldwin transplants the stylised blood-letting from snow-laden Scandinavia to the ski slopes of a fictional Colorado town, where white powder on the ground could be trafficked cocaine. In this close-knit community, police adopt a relaxed approach to visitors smoking spliffs because the local economy relies heavily on income from these pleasure-seeking tourists.

Corruption is rife, cops are largely in the pay of powerful crime lords, so the long arm of the law occasionally fails to take its hands out of its pockets.

Cold Pursuit centres on a grief-stricken father, who strikes back against the criminal fraternity which murdered his son. Liam Neeson's portrayal of the vengeful patriarch is less muscular than his bruising heroics in the Taken films.

He is an awkward fit for a film which slaloms at dizzying speed between lurid violence and gallows humour. Baldwin's script leaves supporting characters in the deep freeze so it is hard to muster warmth and affection when they become collateral damage.

Cold Pursuit caters to the base desires of Neeson's core fanbase with bone-crunching fist fights and a shoot out, albeit with a hero who collapses exhausted, gasping for breath, after each bout of physical exertion.


Liam Neeson

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Loughborough Echo (Loughborough, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2019
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